sport sponsorship

   Module 6 – Activity 1.  Review the Advocacy angle (Wolverine Sports Club).  a. Evaluate the angle adjoin the sections included in Developing Successful Action Advocacy Plans  b. Your argument (Chapter 8) provides a adjustment for account VIK agreements. How could this be activated to the Wolverine Sports Club in that they acknowledgment “product/service of according value” aural the advocacy fee structure.  Hint: what blazon of artefact would be admired at what rate? c. What blazon of artefact does this angle address to? Why ability be absorbed in this advocacy and for what objective?  d. How does this angle analyze to a advocacy angle targeted to a top advocacy client such as Budweiser or Coca-cola?  2. Acquisition a accepted action advocacy account commodity and abridge what the commodity is presenting. For example: accepted trend, issue, action etc. Your arbitrary should be 1-2 paragraphs (include your antecedent as able-bodied as a analysis of antecedent credibility).  Please do not artlessly use the aboriginal commodity you find, analysis several accessories to analyze a solid antecedent of advice for acquirements purposes.

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