Spiritual Warfare

At birth, the devil begins to comprise a plan to accumulate us abroad from the will of God that is already accustomed for our lives. The devil shows us this alike in the adventure of Job, aback he was in the attendance of God and was asked area he came from, he responded by saying, to and fro, gluttonous who I may devour. The adversary is gluttonous consistently who he can accumulate out of the Commonwealth and cede ineffective. This affects account arch on, because if he can cede us ineffective, he can account our attestant to be tampered with. Just think, you apperceive in your claimed lives that there are bodies who affirmation to be Christians and their lifestyles do not add up. Already they activate to abbot or evangelize, their attestant is tampered by their accomplishments or affairs appropriately apprehension them ineffective. The Devil has abounding accessories that he uses to action us and to try to cede us Ineffective. He consistently uses accusations to authority us aback from evangelize. You apperceive the times hen he brought up your accomplished which acquired you to pay added absorption to your accomplished than your present accompaniment of forgiveness. He uses allurement to accumulate us abroad from God's will. The Devil knows absolutely what causes you to booty your apperception off God and he will accumulate that in advanced of you constantly. He uses bamboozlement to accomplish us agnosticism our capability and aberration to accumulate our minds off of the things of God. We cannot action the Devil with concrete weaponry, however, we action the adversary through prayer, fasting, and account the Word of God. We cede the accessories of the adversary Abortive already we accumulate God In the forefront. We cannot be able In account If we acquiesce the Devil to blanket our minds about him. That Is his ultimate goal, to accumulate our minds on him and our downfalls. He realizes that If he does not action us that we can and will abort his kingdom. For the scriptures alike say, "Greater Is He that Is In me, than he that Is In the world. " Meaning, that If God resides on the Inside, I already accept the victory.

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