Spiritual Intervention

   The appointment (1-3pages) Select a airy action for both audience and professionals for the blockage or analysis of commissioned trauma. Personal refers to alone activity choices and wellness, while able refers to able identity Justify your alternative application evidence-based research. For both areas, analyze which ACA airy adequacy this action represents and explain why. Be specific and use examples to allegorize your points. Learning Resources Readings Course Text: Accessory alarming stress: Self-care issues for clinicians, researchers, and educators Chapter 9, "Trauma-Based Psychiatry for Primary Care" Course Text: Quitangon, G. & Evces, M. (2015). Commissioned Agony and Disaster Mental Health: Understanding Risks and Promoting Resilience. New York: Routlege Chapter 13 Article: Chan, C., Ng, S., Ho, R., & Chow, A., (2006). East meets west: Applying Eastern adherence in analytic practice. Journal of Analytic Nursing, 15(7), 822 – 832. Article: Farley, Y. (2007). Making the connection: Spirituality, agony and resiliency. Journal of Religion and Adherence in Social Work, 26(1), 1–15. Article: Peres, J., Moreida-Almeida, A., Nasello, A., & Koenig, H. (2007). Adherence and animation in agony victims. Journal of Religious Health, 46(3), 343 – 350. Article: Tehrani, N. (2007). The amount of caring- The appulse of accessory agony on assumptions, values, and beliefs. Counseling Psychology Quarterly, 20(4), 325–339. Article: Trippany, R., Wilcoxon, S., & Satcher, J. (2003). Factors influencing commissioned agony for therapists of survivors of animal victimization. Journal of Agony Practice, 2(1), 47–60. Article: Vis, J. & Boynton, H. (2008). Adherence and absolute meaning: Possibilities for acceptable column alarming growth. Journal of Religion and Adherence in Social Work: Social Thought, 27(1/2), 69 – 86. Optional Resources Article: Spirituality: A white cardboard issued by the Association of Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Ethics in Counseling. Retrieved from:http://www. aservic.org again bang on > Resources > White Cardboard on Spirituality. Spiritual Competencies: Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Ethics in Counseling. (2009). Competencies for Addressing Airy and Religious Issues in Counseling. Retrieved January 29, 2013, from: http://www.counseling.org/docs/default-source/competencies/competencies-for-addressing-spiritual-and-religious-issues-in-counseling.pdf?sfvrsn=2

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