Speech Outline on Organic Food

Choosing Amoebic By: Kayla Ray Informative Speech SC105: T Th 3:30 Mrs. Becker March 4, 2013 General Purpose: To acquaint Specific Purpose: I appetite my admirers to accept the accent of purchasing and arresting amoebic food. Thesis: Allotment to acquirement and absorb amoebic aliment is a acute and advantageous best for you and your family. Formal Outline of Speech Addition I. “The way we eat has afflicted added in the aftermost 50 years than in the antecedent 10,000. ” Aliment activist, Michael Pollan, makes this account as the addition to a documentary blue-blooded Aliment Inc. which discusses the way aliment is actuality produced today in America. A. Now, there are abounding choices that can be fabricated back aggravating to eat healthy. 1. Bistro the recommended bulk of calories, bistro abounding fruits and vegetables, accepting a sandwich from alms instead of accepting a hamburger from McDonalds, or bubbler baptize instead of soda. 2. These can all be acceptable decisions, but is it benign if it is not organic? Of advance it can be, but is it as beneficial? II. Bistro amoebic aliment can do things for your anatomy that non amoebic aliment cannot do. A. After watching the documentary, Aliment Inc. I was abashed to acquisition out how our aliment is actuality produced and handled in America. 1. Is the action of how our aliment is fabricated commodity we charge to recognize? 2. Is it bigger for our aliment to be brought up artlessly by adamantine alive farmers rather than actuality abused, pumped up with hormones and abounding with abounding alternative chemicals? 3. The acknowledgment to these questions should potentially be yes. B. Non amoebic aliment is not alone beneath benign to eat, but has the abeyant to abuse our families. III. [Thesis] Allotment to acquirement and absorb amoebic aliment is a acute and advantageous best for you and your family. IV. [Preview] I’m now activity to acquaint you of how the accent of purchasing and arresting amoebic aliment relates to anniversary and every one of us and can advance our affection of life. (Transition) First, let’s authorize absolutely what amoebic means. Anatomy I. Amoebic aliment is altered than alternative aliment in abounding ways. A. According to the aboriginal nationally certified amoebic grocer in the U. S. , Accomplished Foods Market, “Organic agronomics is a assembly adjustment that emphasizes the use of renewable assets and the attention of clay and baptize to enhance ecology quality. 1. Back growing amoebic aftermath aliment is rotated in such a way to accumulate clay affluent in nutrients and optimal for acknowledging abounding years of advance and bartering optimal amounts of micronutrients and minerals. 2. Back adopting amoebic livestock the animals eat aliment that's chargeless of antibiotics, advance hormones, drugs, chemicals and pesticides. They additionally tend to be free-range which agency all year long, the livestock are accustomed alfresco and accept the advantage of activity central if they wish. This allows animals to get exercise and beginning air, and alive a added accustomed existence B. In an commodity titled, What’s So Great About Amoebic Food, Jeffrey Kluger states, Amoebic foods of all kinds currently represent alone about 3% of the absolute American market, according to the best contempo numbers from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, but it's a area we all should be acknowledging more. 1. And it’s projected that the numbers will aloof abide to admission artlessly because bodies are acceptable added acquainted of the dangers and furnishings non-organic aliment can accept on you and your family. Transition) Now, we all apperceive how important fruits and veggies are in your diet, but how advantageous can they be if they are abounding with chemicals? II. Well, Amoebic aliment doesn’t accommodate chemicals. A. Accomplished Foods Bazaar describes agronomical administration practices as agriculture that promotes advantageous eco-systems and prohibits the use of genetically engineered seeds or crops, carrion sludge, abiding pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. B. Some of the best accepted fruits and vegetables accommodate the accomplished bulk of pesticides. . There are no seasons in the American supermarket, says Michael Pollan, now there are tomatoes all year round, developed center about the world, best back it was green, and developed with ethylene gas. Although it looks like a tomato, it's affectionate of a abstract tomato. I mean, it's the abstraction of a tomato. a. For example, we can booty a attending at these red grapefruit area one is amoebic and the alternative is not. b. We can see that the amoebic bake-apple is absolutely red, admitting the non-organic is discolored. This is the case because the grapefruit on the larboard was artlessly developed and the grapefruit on the appropriate was best acceptable bashed with abounding chemicals in adjustment to ripen. 2. According to Whatsonmyfood. org, 88 actor pounds of pesticides are activated anniversary and every year in the U. S. That’s about 3 pounds per person! a. Also, they accompaniment that an boilerplate American adolescent gets bristles or added servings of pesticide residues in their aliment and baptize every day! i. If I could advice it I wouldn’t appetite my kids alike actuality about that and I absolutely wouldn’t appetite them to be ingesting it. Transition) Now, let’s booty a attending at livestock because addition important allotment of our diet is beef and poultry. III. Amoebic animals are aloft in a way that is natural. A. Accomplished Foods Bazaar describes livestock administration as practices that advance healthy, humanely advised animals by accouterment organically-grown feed, beginning air and alfresco admission while application no antibiotics or added advance hormones. B. There are accessible differences in amoebic and non-organic chicken. 1. Such as the amoebic yolks actuality a abundant brighter craven blame that the craven is bistro greens and bugs instead of actuality blah fed. . This additionally leads to decidedly college nutrients that are present in the yolk. 2. To add to that, we can attending at the account of the two accomplished chickens. Which one would you choose? a. Apprehension the acute admeasurement of the one on the larboard due to advance hormones and blah feed. b. Again apprehension the blubbery band of bare fat accoutrement the skin…. GROSS! C. But the bigger affair is what we acquisition is in our beef. Abounding diseases are begin in non-organic beef artlessly because beasts are not acquired to abstract corn. As Michael Pollan states in an account on www. pbs. rg, as anon as you acquaint corn, the beastly is accountable to get sick. You alpha giving them antibiotics, because as anon as you accord them corn, you've abashed their digestion, and they're apt to get sick, so you again accept to accord them drugs. That's how you get in this accomplished aeon of drugs and meat. 1. In the documentary, Aliment Inc. , they acquaint a adventure about a boy called Kevin. a. According to Kevin’s story, appear on www. foodborneillness. org, Kevin had eaten three hamburgers in the anniversary above-mentioned to his affliction and died twelve canicule after from E. oli O157:H7. He was alone 2 years, 8 months and 1 day old. b. Additionally declared in the commodity accounting by Kevin’s mom, Barbara Kowalcyk, anniversary year in the United States, bags of Americans ache and die from preventable foodborne affliction aloof like Kevin. 2. If we attending to my images, we can calmly see how abundant added angular and advantageous the amoebic meat looks compared to the non-organic. a. Grass fed beef contains beneath absolute fat and calories, 2-6 times added affection advantageous omega 3 blubbery acids, and added antioxidant vitamins. i. All for the advancement of your health! Transition) These differences in amoebic and non-organic foods are affecting us abundantly in every one of our lives and should absolutely be considered. Conclusion I. As I accept explain to you actuality today, allotment amoebic is a acute and advantageous way to abundantly account you and your family. A. Amoebic aftermath and livestock artlessly accept added nutrients and alike admitting it all abounding amount a little added it will accomplish you convalescent in the continued run and anticipate you from acceptable sick. 1. This will alike out the amount and absolutely possibly save you money! II. The appeal for amoebic aliment is growing added and added every day. When you buy amoebic you are voting for a bigger aliment arrangement in America. A. As Troy Roush, Vice President of the American Blah Growers Association, puts it, “People accept got to alpha ambitious good, wholesome aliment of us, and we'll deliver. ” Bibliography Food, Inc. Dir. Robert Kenner. Perf. Michael Pollan, Troy Roush. Documentary, 2008. Film. "Frontline Modern Meat Interview: Michael Pollan. " PBS. PBS, n. d. Web. 09 Mar. 2013. <http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/meat/interviews/pollan. html>. Kluger, Jeffrey. "What's So Great About Amoebic Food?. " Time 176. 9 (2010): 30-40. Academic Search Complete. Web. 9 Mar. 2013. Kowalcyk, Barbara. "Kevin's Story. " Kevin's Story. Center for Foodborne Lllness Research and Prevention, 2008. Web. 09 Mar. 2013. ;http://www. foodborneillness. org/leadership/140- kevins-story. html;. "Organic Aliment What Does "Organic" Mean? " Amoebic Aliment | Accomplished Foods Market. Accomplished Foods Market, 2013. Web. 09 Mar. 2013. ;http://www. wholefoodsmarket. com/about-our- products/organic-food;. "Pesticides: A Public Problem. " What’s On My Food? Pesticide Action Network North America, 2010. Web. 09 Mar. 2013. ;http://www. whatsonmyfood. org/index. jsp;.

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