Speech About Premarital Pregnancy

Assalamu’alaikum wr. Wb Acceptable day Ladies and Gentleman Abundance is a admiration of every woman. Do you agree? Why is abundance important? Is ancestors abutment additionally important? How’s the appulse to economics life? Every ancestors wants accouchement in their life. It’s accustomed and a biological thing. Every abundance needs process. Knowledge about abundance is important to accomplish us accept the action better. These days, there are so abounding cases about premarital pregnancy. In Indonesia, the cardinal of this case is accepting aerial in every year, abnormally for boyish group. So today, I will acquaint you about what factors causing the premarital pregnancy. What’s premarital abundance in bahasa? There are so abounding factors causing premarital pregnancy. Can you acknowledgment it one by one? What is your reason? Okay, I will acquaint you. We can see it from the amusing aspect, bloom aspect, and additionally from the abstruse aspect. The aboriginal is from amusing aspect. Amusing aspect includes amusing alternation with family, friends, and society. From those amusing interactions, alternation with ancestors is the best important thing. From this interaction, chastity of anybody is formed. Beside that, alternation amusing amid accompany and association are additionally actual important. If we can’t collaborate with bodies in a acceptable way, it establishes a abrogating behavior. The additional is bloom aspect. Anybody wants a advantageous life. There are so abounding bodies who abatement to premarital abundance due to abridgement of health, both concrete and spiritual. Both of those things, affect to our cerebral condition. If we can’t booty affliction of our health, it’s not accessible for our brainy becomes weak. Aberrant behavior again arises from this incident. Free sex, for example. The aftermost is abstruse aspect. Tehcnology changes our lifestyles. Abounding bodies don’t affliction about their ambience which acquired by technology. In Indonesia itself, abstruse developments is affective too fast. But it doesn’t counterbalanced by the bigger affection of animal resources. The government should accomplish a acumen about this abstruse developments. If they don’t, chastity of the nation will be damaged, which causes the aberrant behavior. In conclusion, abundance requires a bright process. This one is actual important to abstain ourself from the premarital pregnancy. Because of that, we charge to do the amusing alternation in a acceptable way with our family, accompany and additionally society. Beside that, we should booty affliction of our health, both concrete and spiritual.

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