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How online corruption of women has coiled out of ascendancy | Ashley Judd Watch Video  https://youtu.be/GSf6nij-SdA  How online corruption of women has coiled out of ascendancy | Ashley Judd Duration: 16:11 User: n/a - Added: 1/18/17 This absolute TED allocution by Academy-award acceptable Ashley Judd addresses her claimed acquaintance of online corruption and the growing abnormality of online corruption of woman globally.    WARNING:  this video contains a cardinal of abhorrent agreement and phrases.   Chapter One Video: What Texting Does To Your Neck Watch Video  https://youtu.be/vyhry-RXuRU  What Texting Does To Your Neck Duration: 3:27 User: n/a - Added: 8/18/15 This video describes the analytical concrete abnormality of actuality consistently affiliated to our technologies.    https://learninglink.oup.com/access/content/adler-uhc-13e-student-resources/58de9c462e97310f001c315d  Disc 1: Chapter 1 Introduction (Click actuality to admission the altercation board)Disc 1: Chapter 1 Introduction (Click actuality to admission the altercation board) Discussion Lath Instructions Read Chapter 1 and watch the video above.   WARNING:  this video contains sexually absolute accent that is too generally begin in our abreast amusing media landscape.    Follow the instructions and the prompts to column two paragraphs. Additionally, acknowledge to at atomic one of your classmates. Your two paragraphs and your acknowledgment column will be graded. You charge abide your own column afore you may see any alternative student's post. Start by beat "Create Thread."In this altercation board, you will address two paragraphs, account 75points, and a acknowledgment to a acquaintance for 25.  Paragraph 1 The aboriginal branch should call who you are to your classmates. You should acquaint us at atomic 5 items of advice about yourself. For instance, accede administration your activity status, hobbies, interests, pursuits, goals, and/or what you achievement to accomplish from demography this course. Even admitting this altercation lath is primarily about Chapter 1, it may advice to apprehend the aboriginal few pages of Chapter 2 to apprentice about means to call your self-concept or who you are. Paragraph 2 Watch the video above. In the video, you abstruse how extra Ashley Judd has endured alarming online corruption and that this blazon of corruption of all too accepted for women in today's amusing media landscape.  This advance of online technology in our lives can account misunderstandings, mistakes and  even problems with austere acute effects.    In the additional paragraph, aboriginal account which types of amusing media you use on a circadian basis. Then call a specific time back amusing media was complex in a advice botheration  between you and at atomic one alternative being (pages 16-17 of your arbiter gives examples of what counts as amusing media). Call the bearings in detail. Review the bolded subsections on pages 24-29 of your arbiter beneath the area branch "Communicating Abundantly with Amusing Media." Choose one (or more) of the "Communicating Abundantly with Amusing Media" guidelines and accompaniment which one should accept been acclimated to handle the bearings added competently. In alternative words, explain how the bearings could accept been bigger and why that guideline would accept been the best option.  Underline,   highlight,   bold,   italicize  or CAPITALIZE your best so that it is visually credible which guideline(s) you are applying to your scenario.  Your Acknowledgment to a Acquaintance Branch (10 points) Apprehend one of your classmate's posts and column a anxious reply. This will be your aboriginal befalling to appoint online with your classmates. Imagine they are speaking to you in being and anticipate of article allusive they said to acknowledge to and accumulate the chat going.  See the archetype for help. Discussion Lath Advice Image HElp angel for altercation board Rubric: -20 if Branch 1 or Branch 2 is missing -10 if Acknowledgment to a acquaintance is missing -10 if Branch 1 has beneath than 5 items of advice about you (-2 per item). -10 if Branch 2 does not accommodate a best from "Communicating Abundantly with Amusing Media" from the textbook -5 if the best is acclimated incorrectly -2 credibility if that best is not acutely adumbrated by an    underline   ,    highlight,       bold,       italics    or CAPITALIZATION -5-40 if academy akin grammar, spelling and assets are not utilized. How to Abide your Post: Click on the appellation "Disc 1: Chapter 1 Introduction..." articulation above.Click "Create Thread" to address or archetype and adhesive in your assignment. Review your appointment anxiously for errors and use of able language.Click "Submit" to column (see angel aloft for guidance).

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