Assignment 1.2: Accomplish an Addition Speech Perform an Addition Speech Objective Perform an addition speech Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will actualize a commitment outline and bear an addition speech. Deliverables A one- to two-page (250- to 500-word) paper A two- to four-minute addition accent - Accumulate in apperception that you should accomplish your accent to accomplish abiding it meets the 2-4 minute requirement. Just time yourself as you accomplish your speech.  Step 1 Actualize an outline. Using the alertness outline you created in Appointment 1.1, actualize a commitment outline for your addition speech. Using a altered book name, save a archetype of the Appointment 1.1 certificate in which you created the alertness outline. Modify the alertness outline to accomplish it a commitment outline. You will best acceptable use this as your apostle notes, so accumulate in apperception that you do not charge added than 1 or 2 basis cards for notes. Use ammo credibility from your outline as your notes. Hit the capital credibility for your accent from your outline.  Step 2 Convenance your speech. Practice application your commitment outline to bear your addition speech. Print your commitment outline so you can use it as your apostle notes. Before you activate your convenance delivery, brainstorm that you are continuing in advanced of your ambition admirers and anticipate about the specific purpose you articular for your speech. Remember that your accent should aftermost amid two and four minutes. Keep clue of the absolute time it takes you to bear your accent to break aural this time frame. Deliver your accent at atomic already all the way through. Step 3 Present your speech. Remember to pay absorption to the audience's nonverbal advice and acclimatize as necessary. Step 4 Answer the questions. In a one-page (250-word) paper, abode the following: Describe any issues you encountered during the commitment of your speech. How abounding times did you convenance carrying your accent afore you acquainted adequate presenting it? What aspects of your accent commitment bigger the best as a aftereffect of your practice?

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