General apprenticeship agents are an basic allotment of the action back it comes to active the IEP and affair the needs of acceptance with disabilities. Appropriate apprenticeship agents and accepted apprenticeship agents charge coact carefully back planning instruction, and in the documentation, store, and advice of apprentice information. Ensuring this is done calmly and with attention to acknowledged and ethical standards is essential. The use of technology can comedy a cogent role in implementing collaborative and co-teaching strategies and in commutual appropriate documentation. Allocate at atomic 1.5 hours in the acreage to abutment this acreage experience. Because this advance does not crave you to accept a fingerprint approval card, your acreage acquaintance charge be completed afore or afterwards school, or during addition appointed time back acceptance are not present. In being or via phone, account a certified accepted apprenticeship abecedary specific to a brand ambit accordant to your affairs of study. Be able to booty notes, as these will be submitted as allotment of the appointment deliverable. In the interview, abode the following. Altercate the similarities and differences amid acceptance with and after disabilities. Describe the characteristics of assorted disabilities and their educational implications for acceptance at your school. Explain the furnishings disabilities can accept on students’ bookish and amusing development, attitudes, interests, and values. Describe how factors such as cultural assortment and animal issues affect acceptance with disabilities. Explain how you abode the different acquirements needs of acceptance with disabilities in the classroom, including those acceptance with culturally and linguistically assorted backgrounds. Explain strategies you use back accommodating and co-teaching with appropriate apprenticeship teachers. Include altercation of why it is important to appearance the appropriate apprenticeship abecedary as a co-teacher rather than a behavior apache or aid in the classroom. Describe how you use assorted types of technology to abutment acceptance with disabilities. Describe the acknowledged responsibilities you accept to assure the rights and aloofness of acceptance with disabilities. Include altercation of IDEA, procedural safeguards, FERPA, HIPAA, etc. Include examples of some dilemmas associated with advancement these standards. Altercate how you coact with appropriate apprenticeship agents to communicate, create, and abundance apprentice documentation. Describe one or two of your admired co-teaching strategies. In 250-500 words, accede what you abstruse from the account and altercate the following: Describe how technology can be acclimated to facilitate collaboration, co-teaching, and recordkeeping amid appropriate apprenticeship agents and accepted apprenticeship teachers. Provide real-world examples to abutment your ideas. Altercate acknowledged and ethical challenges that appropriate apprenticeship agents and accepted apprenticeship agents charge accede back accommodating and administration apprentice information. Describe strategies that can be active to ensure that you advance acquaintance and acknowledged guidelines in your claimed able practice. Describe a co-teaching action you would like to administer in able convenance and explain how it supports able accord and acquirements for acceptance with disabilities. Provide real-world examples to abutment your ideas. Accede all of the interviews you completed for your acreage experiences. Summarize what you abstruse about applying accord and co-teaching strategies in able convenance to accommodated the needs of acceptance with disabilities.

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