Special Needs Mini Assignment

Special Needs Mini Assignment    Special Needs Mini-Project Due in Week 6 and account 50 credibility for the assignment plan with the apprenticeship technology affiliation and 20 credibility for the altercation question. You will not consistently apperceive if you accept acceptance with appropriate needs in your class. Acceptance may not alike apperceive they accept a appropriate charge and accept consistently compensated on their own. Application educational technology can be a way to abode these needs, both accepted and unknown. For example, e-readers acquiesce acceptance to ascendancy the chantry and the chantry size, get the definitions of alien words, and alike accept the argument apprehend to them. This addresses abundant needs such as account to visually broken acceptance and acceptance acceptance with dyslexia to acclimatize the argument to article that is easier to apprehend for them. It additionally helps all acceptance with cant and account comprehension.  First accept a abbreviate assignment plan that you would advise in your own classroom or the classroom in which you would like to teach. Then add an educational technology basic such as an app or an absolute allotment of technology that would abode a appropriate charge or needs for the lesson. In a abbreviate beat (approximately one page), describe: The technology The need(s) it addresses How you would accommodate it into your lesson  Post your assignment plan and educational technology affiliation to the altercation board.  Read through the assignment plan of at atomic one of your classmates and accommodate acknowledgment on their lesson. Include the afterward points: Did their apprenticeship technology basic abundantly abode the needs they specified? How able-bodied did you anticipate that the educational technology basic was chip into the lesson? Do you see any alternative needs that the educational technology could address?  Course Outcomes Examine altered types of abstruse assets for educational purposes. Evaluate how technology can change the agreeable and methods of education. Analyze how technology can abutment the acquirements of assorted students. Use technology and advice assets to analysis issues in amalgam technology into education. Write acutely and concisely about amalgam technology into apprenticeship application able autograph mechanics. 

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