Speaker Critique Discussion

Speaker Critique Discussion This altercation asks that you watch President Ronald Reagan's accent delivered at the Brandenburg Gate from June 12, 1987. You will acquisition his accent at this link (Links to an alien site.).   This is the url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MDFX-dNtsM  (Links to an alien site.) Directions Listen and anxiously watch the entire speech. Answer anniversary of the afterward questions on the altercation board. Context of speech: How continued is this speech? Who is speaking? Where? When?   What approach from your presentation on how to activate and end a accent are used?  Purpose of speech: Why is the accent actuality delivered? Who is the advised audience, do you think? Is this a actuating accent or advisory or article else? Briefly altercate the speaker's articulation quality. Altercate the amount (how fast or slow), emphasis, intensity, articulate distractors (uh's, umm's, etc.), use of pauses, etc. Is the all-embracing affection effective? Why or why not? How does the apostle begin? What is acclimated to accretion attention? Tell us the adduce or aperture lines. Is it an able opening? What are the capital account the apostle is presenting? Briefly outline them. How does the apostle conclude? What is acclimated to accord a memorable ending? How does the admirers respond? What one absolute address or accomplishment can you booty from this apostle and use in your own speeches? What is the best memorable two or three curve of this speech?

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