SPA103 week 3 discussion 1 replies (please place name and number next to each reply)

Respond to Peers: Review your classmates’ posts, and acknowledge to at atomic two of your peers. For one of your responses, accept addition who acquaint on a affair altered from what you selected. Share alternating views, accommodate claimed adventures as they chronicle to the topic, aggrandize aloft ideas, or accommodate questions to animate added addition of the topic. Each acknowledgment should be a minimum of 75 words. #1  Antonio Champion February 16, 2018  Topic #1: Los Jόvenes, el Matrimonio y las Casas How do your ancestors traditions analyze with the Hispanic traditions declared in your reading? I will highlight the aspect of active in a ample city. Abounding of my ancestors associates alive in and about ample cities. For example: Abounding of my ancestors associates alive in Maryland and drive to Washington DC for work. This is agnate to the Spanish bodies active in and abreast Madrid Spain.  My ancestors associates that alive in the burghal usually alive in accommodation barrio and drive application the Metro railway arrangement to abate their commute. With abounding bodies active in urbanized areas prices for homes become actual expensive. This leads to bodies active alfresco the burghal and travelling to the burghal for assignment area accomplishment are higher. Do you accept accompany from alternative cultures with traditions agnate to Hispanic traditions? I accept accompany in Japan who advance blooming technology. They await on wind combines and solar panels for electricity. This protects the ambiance while active costs down. This is agnate to Spain who uses 30- 50 % wind electricity. In your community, back do adolescent bodies usually become independent? With the accepted bread-and-butter bearings and application rates, is it accessible or difficult to become independent? In my community, ability comes at altered ages. Mostly, ability starts afterwards one graduates from aerial school. The accepted bread-and-butter bearings and application ante may advance the age for ability added right. As corporations and the apple becomes greedy, we will charge added apprenticeship and post-secondary assets to accretion independence. Do you anticipate it’s difficult for adolescent bodies to become absolute in the United States? What about in your burghal or state? Why or why not? It is actual difficult for adolescent bodies to become independent. There are abounding opportunities such as the aggressive that will acquiesce you to accretion ability at a adolescent age. But, for the best allotment this accomplishment comes with a abundant challenge. Abounding jobs and careers with acceptable salaries crave added apprenticeship and experience. Reference: Heining-Boynton, A. L., & Cowell, G. S. (2013). ¡Anda! Curso basal (2nd ed., Vol. 1) [Electronic version].                               Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. #2 Andrea Richardson In your family, what affairs do the men do and what affairs do the women do? Is there a fair administration of workload? Why or why not? Growing up it was my sister, and myself we had no brother, but I would apprehension my dad consistently did alfresco assignment and my mom central work. Already we got earlier we helped my mom with mainly central work, in which my dad would say women jobs was to do central and men was amenable for the alfresco work. How are the evolving trends and roles of families changing? The evolving roles are alteration because we accept added distinct ancestors households which makes the workload of home affairs become advance out men for archetype I am a distinct mother who is currently not dating so I had to go alfresco this weekend to do backyard assignment and appearance my son how to do the backyard assignment so eventually that would become his responsibility,  but I additionally accomplish him do abode assignment because I charge the advice about the abode which back I was accomplished back I was adolescent that was a females role, but I feel already my 5 year old babe gets to an age to booty over the domiciliary affairs afresh my 10 year old sons albatross would be befitting the backyard up and training my 2 year old son to booty over eventually. How does stereotyping appulse society? Back do bodies adjudicator others based on gender? How do you support/negate gender roles? I anticipate sterotyping impacts our association because it makes genders anticipate o that is the mans job or that job is for females. I abutment gender roles by afresh teaching my boys both central and alfresco work. My youngest son will comedy with babyish dolls with his sister burping the babyish babyish alteration the babyish adolescence and his ancestor feels its not manly, but I attending at it as authoritative him to be a abundant ancestor one day because he will apperceive how to breeding his child. This is a anatomy of gender bent because alone girls are accept to comedy with a babyish doll. What do gender roles attending like around your community? your state? your country? the world? Gender roles in my association looks like I declared it assertive things are for girls, and assertive things are advised for boys. I anticipate that actuality in the south we get alot of sterotyping for gender roles artlessly because this is the way that abounding of the parents and grandparents aloft there children. About the world, abounding cultures accept like we do  certain domiciliary affairs are for adolescent ladies, and afresh added of the alfresco jobs are larboard for the males. Additionally they still accept in some genitalia that females shouldnt get an eduation but males should. How did your adolescence appearance your appearance of the world My adolescence has a big role in how I appetite to accession my kids and see the world. For archetype there are abounding things i ambition I knew how to do alfresco my abode such as change the oil on my car, how to cut grass, and I aloof accomplished myself the basal backyard charwoman skills. I admired my dad would accept accustomed me the advantage to apprentice this so I would not accept to depend on bodies to do these things for me and this is why I chose to advise my sons domiciliary affairs such as affable and charwoman appropriately so alike if they get affiliated and accept a wife they can still run a abode hold. I will additionally advise my daughther whatever alfresco abilities i apprentice so she can becoome indepenent in that allotment of life. 

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