Sources Assignment

  Understanding Sources Assignment Using the Spanish-American War to Identify Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources General Description of the Assignment: Through this assignment, you will authenticate your ability of the differences amid primary, secondary, and tertiary sources application the Spanish-American War. Below are ten sources that altercate the Spanish-American War. From these ten sources, your appointment is to acquisition three primary sources, two accessory sources, and one tertiary source. In your acknowledgment for this assignment, you charge to do the afterward for anniversary of the six sources: Identify which blazon of antecedent it is Write 1-2 sentences answer why anniversary antecedent is a primary, secondary, or tertiary source. Write 2-3 sentences on the accountable of the antecedent that briefly discusses who wrote the source, back it was written, and what the primary credibility are that are actuality fabricated in the source. The ten sources for this appointment are: Bryan, William Jennings “First Speech Against Imperialism” “By the President of the United States of America: a announcement Whereas by an act of Congress accustomed April 25, 1898, it is declared that war exists and that war has existed back the 21st day of April, A. D. 1898” “Chapter 19: American Empire” Cleveland, Grover “American Interests in the Cuban Revolution” Hymel, Kevin. “Black Jack in Cuba: General John J. Pershing's Service in the Spanish-American War” “If they’ll alone be good” MacOwen, Arthur H. “Remember the ‘Maine’” Morgan, John T. “Senate Debate on the Platt Amendment, February 27, 1901” Paterson, Thomas G. “U.S. Intervention in Cuba, 1898: Interpreting the Spanish-American-Cuban-Filipino War” “Spanish American War” Walls, Ginette E. “US-Cuba Relations: Political Cartoons in the Spanish-American War”

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