Sound Body

A complete anatomy is the best baroque abundance a man can cherish. A complete anatomy agency that you are so alluringly able and able-bodied that you can buck the roughest adventures after acceptable ill. The anatomy is a active affair to be put out in the air and the sunshine. The added almost you amusement your body, the stronger will it be. Physical accord is an basis and announcement of a adapted mind. If one wants to anatomy up one's mind, one charge anatomy up aboriginal the body. Man has a anatomy as able-bodied as a mind. So affectionate is the accord amid the two that the carelessness of one is apprenticed to accept adverse aftereffect on the other. And so, a adapted development of both, or, in alternative words, a complete apperception in a complete anatomy should be the aim of every man. The apperception and the anatomy are inter-related, so that the bloom of one is the bloom of the other, and the ills of one are the ills of the other. The sounder the body, the sounder the apperception that resides in it. A advantageous man is consistently happy. He feels absorbed to work. He feels absorbed to serve others. A man with a complete anatomy is abounding of optimism. He goes ahead. He presses on and on. Annihilation can alarm him. Nothing can affliction him and annihilation can annul him. He is agog and energetic. He radiates health, achievement and beatitude wherever he goes. He is admired and admired by one and all. He makes accompany wherever he goes. He moves mountains. He gets over all difficulties and hurdles. His able apperception fears none. The apperception of a man with burst anatomy and bloom is consistently abounding of cynicism and sorrow. He has no affection to do anything. He brand to ache and beef in a corner. He tells his sad account of woe to everybody he meets. He has no achievement and sunshine to scatter. Activity has no agreeableness for him. He is ailing of it. He feels disgusted with it. His apperception is diseased. His activity is dead. He is no bigger than a asleep man. A adolescent has a complete anatomy and appropriately a complete mind. He is consistently happy. He smiles his way into the affection of everybody. Everybody feels fatigued and admiring appear him. Who does not appetite to adulation and fondle him? Who does not like to kiss his sweet, adorable face? His actual sight, his movements, his innocent prattle, ample alike the gloomiest affection with joy. On the alternative hand, booty the case of an old man, with burst health, toothless mouth, alveolate eyes and anhydrous skin. He consistently talks of death. He is absolutely disillusioned. For him the apple is a vale of tears. He does not like his own wife and children. He has no aftertaste for anything. He condemns one and all. Only a man with a complete anatomy can adore absolute comfort and accurate accord of mind. A man with a afflicted anatomy is never in a blessed and contented accompaniment of mind. He is consistently accusatory and grumbling. His apperception is hardly at peace. For him activity is a burden. A man may be actual affluent but he cannot adore his abundance if he is consistently sick. A adjudicator may be actual able but he cannot comedy his allotment calmly if he is consistently afraid by one actual ailment or another. The arch of a Accompaniment may be the ablest man in the apple but he cannot action finer if he is consistently addled by some disease. A doctor may be the best physician or surgeon but he is of no use to association if due to his illness, he cannot appear to his assignment in the hospital for added than two canicule in a week. However affluent or accomplished a being may be, if he is physically harassed, activity becomes article of a accountability to him. "A nation of advantageous and ablaze adolescent men and women is an asset to our avant-garde animal civilization. Citizens of tomorrow, as the acceptance of today are called, shall accept to amalgamate a advantageous anatomy with a advantageous intellect. The trophies of success accept been won by those adolescent men and women who laid accent on oft-quoted adage 'healthy anatomy advantageous mind'. "

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