Sor Juana By Octavio Paz Book Report

Corrections “Sor Juana” is a adventures of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz accounting by Octavio Paz and translated by Margaret Sayers Peden. It is a book of 470 pages disconnected in six genitalia that besides Sor Juana’s activity and work, explain the difficulties of the time for an bookish woman. It was appear by The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1988. Account this book gave me the best befalling to apperceive added about addition that although has been actual affecting in my absolute life, I didn’t apperceive all her history.My account and account for Sor Juana started aback I was a adolescent and one of my sisters acclimated to apprehend her poems. Through my abstract classes I knew a little added about her and the account and account connected growing. Sor Juana became for me a average of intellect, power, femininity, chain and abandon accumulated with the adherence to God. Her adventure makes me apprentice to chase my dreams, to be ambitious, and over all to never anytime accord up. Juana Ines de la Cruz was built-in in Mexico in 1648. She grew up in the Panayan Hacienda, which was run for her mother for added than thirty years although she never abstruse to read.Sor Juana started to booty acquaint at age or three. During a continued aeon of her childhood, she didn’t eat cheese because “It fabricated one slow-witted,” and “Desire for acquirements was stronger than the admiration for eating. ” By the time she was six or seven, she knew how to apprehend and write. As she couldn’t go to the university (because she was a woman), she advised and apprehend by herself. She acclimated to absolute several inches of her beard (when beard was advised one of the best important changeable features), as a claiming for new acquirements “A arch shouldn’t be adorned with beard and naked of learning” If she didn’t accommodated the goal, afresh she cut it again.Sor Juana was beatific to Mexico City aback she was eight to alive with her grandfather, who had one of the better libraries of those times. By age 15, as one of the best abstruse women in Mexico, she was presented at cloister with the Viceroy and his wife (maximum authorities in Mexico). As a lady-in waiting, Juana Ines would become accepted at cloister for her wit and adorableness as able-bodied as for her brainy intelligence. To ascertain the admeasurement of her learning, the Marquise aggregate calm some of the best adroit minds of the day, poets, historians, theologians, philosophers, and mathematicians.Juana Ines answered the questions and arguments directed at her, impressing them all with her brainy prowess. At age 20 she entered the Abbey of San Jeronimo, accepted for the affability of its discipline. The abbey was not a ladder adjoin God but a ambush for a woman who begin herself abandoned in the world. She lived in a two-storey corpuscle area she apprehend insatiably and accumulated an absorbing library while advancing her autograph and bookish pursuits. She brought the breeding of the cloister with her by transforming the abbey locutory into an bookish salon.The abutting Viceroy, the Marquis de La Laguna and the Marquise Maria Luisa, the Countess de Pareda, were amid the cloister association and arcane admirers who came to allocution and agitation with Sor Juana. Sor Juana wrote angelic balladry and amative adulation poems, articulate music, villancicos performed in the cathedral, plays, civil comedies, and some of the best cogent abstracts in the history of feminism and abstract literature. Her use of language, admitting characterized by the Baroque style, has a avant-garde essence.Her accessible face reveals the abuse of an audacious spirit who appears, not as a nun, but as an absolute woman. One of Sor Juana’s archetypes was Isis, Egyptian advantage artist of writing, a attribute of intellect. She additionally articular herself with maidens of antiquity, poetically alluringly aggressive to aftermath balladry and prophecies cerebration “There were not abundant abuse or reprimands to anticipate me from reading. ” The activity and assignment of Sor Juana curve can be summed as: ability is a breach committed by a aloof hero who afresh is punished.Not the celebrity of ability (denied to mortals) but the celebrity of the act of knowing. Sor Juana was a cardinal amount who lived at a altered point in history apprenticed by two opposing apple views: one the bankrupt cosmos of Ptolemy and of the Inquisition, which still captivated amplitude in Mexico/New Spain; the alternative characterized by the new science of Copernicus, Newton, and Galileo. On her awe-inspiring abstract composition Primer sueno/First Dream the body is pictured as intellect, not a religious pilgrim. At the acme of the journey, at the fullest compassionate acumen can attain, there was no vision.Instead, the body drew aback at the aggregate of the cosmos and ashore in confusion. In 1690, requested by the Bishop, Sor Juana wrote her alone apostolic criticism, which she insisted not for accessible view. However, the Bishop appear and accusable it with an abstract name of “Sor Philotea. ” In aggressive response, Sor Juana wrote “La Respuesta de la poetisa a la muy ilustre Sor Philotea de la Cruz,” a feminist acclamation arresting women’s appropriate to be accomplished and accompany learning, citation over 40 women who had fabricated cogent contributions throughout history.This assignment afire the church’s wrath. In a altitude of browbeating and abhorrence Sor Juana active “Protesta que rubricada con su sangre, hizo de su fe y amor a Dios” a account of answerability in bloodShe renewed her vows and surrendered her agreeable and accurate instruments, as able-bodied as her library of 4,000 volumes, advised at that time to be the better in Mexico. Two years of blackout and absolution followed. Afresh in 1695, while ministering to nuns addled by an epidemic, she herself succumbed and died.Sor Juana has been an adorning archetypal to chase through all the situations that she faced. She succeeded in a apple that was absolutely adjoin her. The abridgement of father, which was about a abomination in that time, the abridgement of abandon to study, to talk, alike to think, and over all the prohibition to be herself were some of her obstacles. Every time I am adverse an obstacle, I aloof anamnesis her adventure and brainstorm the innumerable sacrifices she had fabricated to get the abandon of learning.After account her story, I see the apple in a altered way. Now I apperceive that all those baby decisions that I booty every day, such as the bolt I wear, what to eat, to read, what to say, and alike what to feel are privileges accepted for astonishing bodies like Sor Juan Ines de la Cruz. I additionally apperceive that all those bodies had to pay a aerial amount for these privileges; some of them pay with their lives. I feel not aloof impressed, but beholden to Sor Juana, her cultural heredity, and woman’s worth.

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