Songs of Suicide

As usual, about all the accouchement admired cafeteria time. The adolescent accouchement played baby games, and the earlier boys would adore a affable bold of football, assuming off to the girls, and the girls would babble and beam about the rumours they had heard over the weekend, attractive at the boys and absitively who they anticipation were best attractive or who they anticipation were absolutely nice. As usual, the agents would bark beyond the field, at the accumulation of kids continuing in the corner, lighting up a approved cigarette and as usual, there were the accumulation of acceptable people, or bofs as they were generally alleged by the blow of the school, as they hid their active in a book, and giggled at the armpit of a boy. But Anybody had their accord groups, some clever, some stupid, some friendly, some not, but anybody had their accord groups, except Justin. Justin was generally referred to as a loner, or a aberrant or article that you wouldnt absolutely like to be named. He sat in the bend of the cloakroom every lunch, every break, and in lessons, he wouldnt acknowledgment if any one talked to him, he would aloof attending at again plainly, as if he couldnt see them, as if they were a ghost. He was consistently actual pale, and consistently kept to himself, alert to his music, and autograph in a baby dejected book who no one had anytime apprehend or apparent except himself. He was a able child, but the alone assignment he seemed to participate in were music lessons. He wrote his way through books and books of songs, balladry and lyrics, and could comedy any apparatus which was presented to him. But he never seemed to be able to appearance his aptitude to anyone. 'Oi, Justin, accord us ya book, or ya diary, or whatever it is,' yelled mark beyond the field, and anybody watched and laughed at Justin, calling names and authoritative fun out of him, not actuality acquainted of his feelings. Justin aloof angry abroad and agitated on scribbling addendum into his book, and again stopping, chewed his pen for a while, scribbled some words out, again wrote bottomward addition sentence, again smiled to himself, drew a bandage and angry the page. The alarm rang and bodies started abaft into the classrooms, blurred words as the bofins ran accomplished and sat at the advanced of the class, with their books out accessible and sat up straight, accessible for the abecedary to airing in. The girls again trailed in followed by the footballers, chatting abroad with anniversary other, and every so often, a laugh, or a scream. Following them, Justin absolved in, clenching his baby dejected book, and attractive at anniversary person, with a beam in his eyes, like he was analysing the way they act, or walk, or talk. He sat at the aback in the corner, abroad from the blow of the class. About bristles account later, the smokers trailed in, chatting with a bit of able accent added in, and the aroma of cigarettes abounding the classroom. As the abecedary marched in, the bodies at the advanced jumped up, followed by the blow of the chic including justin, who decrepit 'Good Morning sir' over their breaths. As the assignment started, accidental altar were befuddled in the administration of Justin, usually hitting his desk, armchair or alike himself, but he didnt move. He aloof let it appear and dealt with it. Addendum were anesthetized to him with rude, agressive words on them, threatning sometimes, but never did he stir, he aloof scribbled some addendum bottomward that the abecedary was making, again agitated on autograph is his little dejected book. The end of academy alarm assuredly rang, and the classes were dismissed. Anybody larboard and trailed off home, including Justin, who absolved 4 afar to get home, in the summer or winter, no bulk what the acclimate was like. As he accustomed home, he let himself in, generally the aperture was larboard open, if his ancestor had abandoned to abutting it abaft him. He abject his academy bag up the baby chaotic stairs, accession the dust on the way. His mother had died at an aboriginal age and his ancestor had become agitated with alcohol aback she had anesthetized away. He had consistently abhorrent Justin, alike anticipation he was alone 3 years old aback she died. He consistently said if he wasnt born, she would still be alive. He got into his room, area the walls were corrective apparent black, but could generally not be apparent by the bulk of bandage pictures and posters which had been pasted over his walls. This was Justins claimed space, and no one anytime came in his room. His music could be played audibly and he could accumulate to himself in their as his dad couldnt calmly get up the stairs so his slept on the cigarette burnt, old, tatty daybed downstairs. Justin backward up there all night, until he woke up in the mornings, and went bench to acquisition some aliment he could scrape out of the cupboards, or some additional money so he could buy some aliment from the bend boutique on his way to academy afore his dad came downstairs. If his dad bent him, he would be punished, which was that morning. At 6 :00, Justin crept downstairs, and accomplished his ancestor sleeping on the sofa, and into the so alleged kitchen. He opened the buffet and begin some change, three pounds to be exact which he best up an swand round, admiring with his find, but as he angry around, his ancestor was stood in the doorway. 'What you accomplishing there with my money Justin ?!' asked his father 'Just activity to buy article to eat dad' Justin decrepit shakily beneath his breath. 'And you were activity to booty my aliment money were you ?' 'No dad, i...i aloof ... i was activity to pay it back' said Justin, starting to agitation now. 'Yeah Justin, you were absolutely activity to pay it back. I apperceive you Justin, consistently demography my money, never advantageous it back, apparently acquisitive i will abjure so you dont accept to alive actuality anymore. You dont affliction about me do you Justin ?' 'I do dad. I aloof charge some food' 'Not out of my money you dont, you egocentric adolescent !' shouted his ancestor as he aerial his anchor to justin and agape him over. Justin affective his academy bag, and ran out of the abode beeline to school. It was aboriginal and the agents were aloof arriving. His eye had swelled up and had gone black. He got out his dejected book, and wrote bottomward a account access and some added lyrics to accomplishment up his song. The he saw Mark advancing bottomward the road. He ran to the bare toilets and bound himself in. This was the abode he acquainted safe, alternative than his bedroom. No one anytime came into the toilets, not alike the cleaners, because they hadnt been acclimated for about 6 months, aback there had been added toilets congenital central the capital building. He could sit in the toilets for hours, aloof cerebration to himself, and autograph in his dejected book, and not accepting to bother about any one else. 'Wheres Justin ?' asked the abecedary aback the alarm had rung. No one absolutely knew because he didnt accept any friends. Some nonsence was decrepit beneath peoples breaths about him, but no one absolutely had any clue area he was. 'I saw him afore academy , outside, by the gate. His eye was swolen, Miss, i duno what he had been doin.' Shouted Mark from the aback of the class. Louise absolved into the old toilet block with her accompany abaft her. This was area they were planning on accepting a cigarette and as they hadn't been acclimated for 3 years, not abounding bodies entered. 'Pass a cigarette, Chris.' Shouted Ryan from the alternative ancillary of the toilet block. 'I admiration if any of these toilets still work.' Mentioned Louise to Greg. 'Dunno, lets go accept a attending at them, bet there disgusting,' answered Greg. So Gred pushed anniversary aperture accessible bound an peeked inside, attractive at the blend they were in, the graffiti on the walls and the burst doors and toilet seats. 'This ones locked,' said Greg. 'Nah, it deceit be, accept a attending over, see if theres article in the way.' As Greg looked over, he saw a boy, sat on the floor, autograph in a book. He looked abaft him to see if it was any of his friends, but they were all stood there, attractive at him, cat-and-mouse for him to accessible the door. He glanced back. The boy was gone and the aperture swung open. 'Who the hell was that ?' shouted Greg, activity a bit annoyed up and his accompany attractive at him puzzled. 'There was...there...i...i aloof saw a ghost.' And there on the floor, was a baby dejected book, in accurate condition, with a name on the outside. Justin Holdsworth.

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