Software Engineering Class Project – Project Plan

I charge a activity plan for an apprenticeship web platform. (around 5 pages) I accept already done a little works about stakeholders, user stories, and Accepting Criteria(attached files). I aloof charge the activity plan. VISION: Education web belvedere which allows accepting to specify their adapted bulk and adopted University in adjustment to actuate the optimal advance class to alum in the beeline bulk of time. The belvedere would use GPS to analyze near-by association colleges in which to augment the accepting agenda in adjustment to abate amount or time-to-completion. Additional pay functionality would acquiesce a apprentice to agenda advance notifications, acclimatize classes based on claimed preference, and pre-register at acknowledging Universities. TOOLS: Behavior Driven Development Methodology (BDD) User Story – How to abode the charge of your user Persona – User Role, User Persona, User Journey Acceptance Belief – Attack & Scenario in BDD Fundamentals of Software Activity Management Use Case, Arrangement Diagram & Swimlane Diagram, Activity Diagram, etc. Prerequisite: Submission of, at least, 4 personas above-mentioned to acquiescence of your Activity report YOUR TASK: Submit a basic abode of your activity progress. Your acquiescence will be an breezy abode on: Project analysis – who are your stakeholders, what are their needs, what your aggregation can commitment to abode their needs based on your basic ability of their affliction points, basic admiration of amount in appellation of work-effort (not $$ amount at this point), aggregation structure, technology/platform bare to bear the product, high-level activity plan to bear the product. HINT:                  o   For the purpose of this course, your stakeholders are apocryphal but you charge to announce who they may be and adduce how you plan to get ascribe (you won’t accept to absolutely go through your proposal.)                  o   Address a reasonable cardinal of User Belief that shows you accept the charge of your stakeholders (at this date 10-12 user belief will be sufficient)                  o   Based on your User Stories, address Accepting Belief for the belief (at this date aces autograph accepting belief for 5 belief will be acceptable – so, aces at atomic 5 “more complicate” user belief and address accepting belief for – attack and scenarios.)                 o   Adduce technology belvedere and accoutrement that you may charge to actualize this product.                 o   Your abode shall accommodate Use Case and arrangement diagram to announce your basic architecture and its alternation with the user (at this date 2 Use Cases and one Arrangement diagram will be acceptable – Activity Diagram will be added acclaim for the aggregation but not required.)                 o   Your abode should accommodate a high-level activity plan. This plan should include:  High-level tasks Sub-activities accompanying to the high-level tasks (based on your basic ability at this point) Proposed commitment phases and proposed sub-activities timeline for commitment (these would cycle up to their corresponding high-level tasks) Resource and accomplishment claim for commitment of the artefact at anniversary appearance – bethink this will be a high-level appraisal based on your basic ability of the stakeholder charge and activity requirements. 

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