Assignment: Models of Grieving The afterlife of a admired one is a cogent accident that anybody experiences. An individual's amusing environment, including civic and familial cultural factors, may access how an alone approaches afterlife or grieves the accident of accession abroad who dies. You can ahead acclamation affliction in your amusing appointment convenance and, therefore, should advance an compassionate of the afflicted process. Models of afflicted may analyze stages through which an alone progresses in acknowledgment to the afterlife of a admired one; however, these stages do not necessarily action in lockstep order. People who acquaintance these stages may do so in altered adjustment or revisit stages in a annular fashion. Compassionate the assorted means individuals cope with affliction helps you to ahead their responses and to abetment them in managing their grief. Select one archetypal of afflicted to abode in this assignment. Addressing the needs of afflicted ancestors associates can abate your claimed emotional, mental, and concrete resources. In accession to developing strategies to abetment afflicted individuals in crisis, you charge advance strategies that abutment self-care. In this Assignment, you administer a afflicted archetypal to appointment with families in a auberge ambiance and advance strategies for self-care. By Day 7 Submit a 2- to 4-page cardboard in which you: Explain how you, as a amusing worker, ability administer the afflicted archetypal you called to your appointment with families in a auberge environment. Explain why you called to use the afflicted archetypal you called against other models of grief. Identify apparatus of the afflicted archetypal that you ahead ability be difficult to administer to your amusing appointment practice. Explain why you ahead these challenges. Identify strategies you ability use for your own cocky affliction as a amusing artisan ambidextrous with affliction counseling. Explain why these strategies ability be effective. Support your Appointment with specific references to the resources. Be abiding to accommodate abounding APA citations for your references

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