socw 6351 Position Paper

Sometimes, during acrimonious discussions and debates about amusing policy, the basal affidavit for the action go unnoticed. Advocates and policymakers may become so committed to their perspectives and to acceptable the debates that they lose focus on the beyond ambience surrounding an issue. The purpose of action is to advance the lives and abundance of individuals and groups in our society. As you accept the role of a amusing assignment policymaker, accede the accent of befitting the needs and adventures of accessible populations at the beginning of your apperception in your advancement efforts. This can advice to assure able action practice.  For this Assignment, you will assay a state, federal, or all-around amusing abundance action that affects an at-risk, marginalized, oppressed, underrepresented, or over looked accumulation population.  Finally, accede the appulse of amusing action from the angle of the accumulation you selected. (5-7 double-spaced pages, APA format). In accession to a minimum of eight bookish references, which may accommodate cyberbanking government abstracts and acclaimed websites, your cardboard should include: A description of the accepted action access for acclamation the amusing affair you called (HOMELESS POPULATION-SOCIAL ISSUE) A description of the accepted action goals for acclamation the amusing affair you selected A description of the citizenry the accepted action access covers An account of the allotment levels for the accepted action access and whether they are acceptable to abode the issue  An account of how this action may affect at-risk, marginalized, underrepresented, overlooked, or afflicted populations.  Identify a specific at-risk population. An assay of whether or not the action meets the needs of the citizenry groups best afflicted by the policy. Recommendations for another behavior that would abode the gaps articular in the policy. Please be specific in recommendations.

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