socw 6210 wk4, human behav, & soci. env. II

Assignment Genogram: Hernandez Family As you accept been exploring animal behavior and the amusing environment, you accept acceptable added your acquaintance of the abounding biological, psychological, and sociological factors that affect alone behavior. Animal relationships are complex, and amusing workers may acquisition it difficult to accumulate these important interactions in apperception back acclamation a client's needs. Murray Bowen (as cited in Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2016, p. 595) developed the genogram, a apparatus to advice amusing workers and alternative practitioners actualize a almanac of ancestors relationships. Once a amusing artisan creates a genogram for a client, he or she may accredit to it back allegory the client's situation. To adapt for this Assignment, become accustomed with how to actualize a genogram, which is presented in this week's resources. Also, assay this week's media about Juan and Elena Hernandez's appointment with their amusing worker. Submit a 2- to 4-page cardboard that includes the following: A genogram of the Hernandez family An assay of the Hernandez family's case based on the genogram including the afterward information. Identify an aspect of the Hernandez family's case that may access the way Juan and Elena Hernandez abode their affair with the amusing worker. Explain how the genogram you created ability advice you abode the needs of the Hernandez family.

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