SOCW 6111 Week 6: Assessment of the Elderly/Aging – Responses

We are an crumbling society, as apparent by the cardinal of individuals from the babyish boomer bearing in the United States (born amid 1946 and 1964) who accept amorphous to about-face 65. According to the United States Census Bureau (2013), there are added than 41 actor Americans who are 65 and older. In Canada, the cardinal of individuals over 65 years of age added by over 14% amid 2006 and 2011, and earlier adults now annual for about 15% of the absolute citizenry of that country (Statistics Canada, 2013). Across the world, populations are rapidly crumbling and there is a appeal to accept the specific needs of this accurate group. As with all clients, it is capital to abode the apropos of the crumbling from a strengths and empowerment perspective. The crumbling are an articular accessible citizenry and amusing workers should be alert of the abiding marginalization and abuse this citizenry has experienced. Amusing workers should assignment adamantine to affected the accepted prejudices and biases generally bidding against this group. Amusing workers should be accurate to anatomy the lives and situations of the aged from a angle of strength, not deficit, alienated the pitfall of absorption on loss. Respond to the aide posts beneath and explain how their assessments abutment the NASW Code of Ethics (2017). Include two ethics and/or allegorical attempt to abutment your explanation. Reference and citations from NASW Code of Ethics (2017).

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