SOCW 6060

  Required Readings Turner, F. J. (Ed.). (2017). Amusing appointment treatment: Interlocking abstract approaches (6th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Chapter 9: Empowerment Approach to Amusing Appointment Treatment (pp. 142–165) Chapter 11: Feminist Approach and Amusing Appointment Convenance (pp. 191–208) National Association of Amusing Workers. (2017). Code of belief of the National Association of Amusing Workers. Retrieved from Document: Approach Into Practice: Four Amusing Appointment Case Studies (PDF) Required Media Sommers-Flanagan, J., & Sommers-Flanagan, R. (2014). Counseling and psychotherapy theories in ambience and practice [Video file]. This week, watch the “Feminist Therapy” articulation by watching from 3:15:06 - 3:37:34 on the time marker. Laureate Education. (2017b). Theories ability check, allotment 2 [Interactive media]. Baltimore, MD: Author. Document: Theories Ability Check, Allotment 2 Transcript (PDF)     Assignment: Application of Feminist Approach to a Case Study This anniversary your abstract acclimatization is feminist theory. You will use the aforementioned case abstraction that you chose in Anniversary 2. Use the "Dissecting a Approach and Its Application to a Case Study” worksheet to advice you anatomize the theory. You do not charge to abide this handout. It is a apparatus for you to use to anatomize the approach and again you can apply the advice in the table to complete your assignment. To upload your media to this Assignment, use the Kaltura Media advantage from the mashup apparatus drop-down menu. Refer to the Kaltura Media Uploader breadth in the advance aeronautics card for added advice about how to upload media to the course. By Day 7 Submit a Kaltura video of yourself discussing the applicant from the angle of feminist theory. Your video should be no best than 5 minutes. Although this is a able presentation, it is not a academic presentation as in a speech. Imagine that you are discussing your case with a accumulation of aeon in a meeting. To verbally present a case can be challenging—but it is additionally a accomplishment for which convenance can abate all-overs and aftereffect in improvement. This will accord you an befalling to convenance how to bear actual in a able manner. You can accept addendum in advanced of you to advice you bethink your points. However, your video does charge to be professional. In alternative words, dress professionally, advance eye acquaintance as if you were speaking in advanced of your colleagues, and assuredly be abiding to almanac yourself in a allowance that is quiet and area no one interrupts you. Your video presentation should accommodate the following: In 1 to 2 sentences, analyze and call the botheration to be formed on in your called case study. In 1 to 2 sentences, explain how feminist approach you are utilizing defines and explains the account of the problem. In 1 to 2 sentences, use feminist approach to call the role of the amusing artisan to facilitate change in the case study. In the appraisal phase, analyze 2 appraisal questions you will ask to analyze what the client’s goals are and how they will get there. Remember, feminist approach should be active the assessment. Describe two interventions to abode the botheration and explain how the audience will apparatus the interventions. Remember, feminist approach should be active the interventions. In 2 to 3 sentences, altercate how you would appraise if one of the interventions you articular is able with the client. Explain how, specifically, you will set the accent throughout your appointment with the applicant to abate the hierarchical accord and accomplish it added collaborative. Evaluate one backbone and one limitation of feminist approach in alive with the client. Be abiding to: Identify and accurately advertence the case abstraction you accept chosen. Speak clearly.

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