Sociology Reflective Essay

‘Social Stratification is the analysis of ample numbers of bodies into layers according to their about property, power, and prestige; applies to both nations and to bodies aural a nation, society, or alternative group. ’ (Henslin, James,2011) There are basically four systems to socially coat a family. Amusing class, as one of the systems will be advised in the afterward paragraphs. (1) Identification of my family’s amusing chic position and explanations of it: Amusing chic is fundamentally bent by how abundant abundance you have. Income, apprenticeship and gender are three aloft factors that I would accede to actuate my family’s amusing chic position. Concisely speaking, I came from a single-parent ancestors which I alone alive with my mother. My mother is the alone actuality who is clearly active in my family. Her activity is a agent at a adorableness centre with ambiguous income. One alternative important banking assets of our ancestors will be the keep accustomed from my ancestor who no best lives with us. Our domiciliary assets per ages is about $10,000. According to the 2006 Population By-census, the boilerplate account calm domiciliary assets (at accepted prices) was $ 17,250. Although there are alone two bodies in my family, our account assets is about 40% beneath the boilerplate amount in 2006. Individually, my mother does not accept abiding assets so her account assets tends to be lower than the boilerplate account assets of an active alone of $ 10,000. In conclusion, my family’s assets is analogously low; abnormally the abstracts was calm in 2006 which aggrandizement has already been excluded. Apprenticeship is counted as an basic agency free amusing chic as it’s believed that abstruse bodies can consistently get well-pay jobs with adequate alive environments. As mentioned in the 2006 Population By-census report, bodies with college educational accomplishment about accept college assets than beneath accomplished ones. Also, in the accomplished few decades, alone economically acceptable families could accommodate educations for their children. There are abounding middle-aged bodies nowadays do not accept high-school qualifications. Thus, in the accomplished few decades, the added accomplished a actuality was, the wealthier his/ her ancestors would be. My mother did not accomplishment high-school apprenticeship while I accept aloof started my university study. Finally, a actual appropriate factor---gender, is considered. ‘Gender is a base for amusing stratification. (Henslin, James, 2011) All of us in a ancestors are both females. Even admitting bodies in avant-garde apple apostle gender equality, women still ache from gender inequality. Stated in the address of the 2006 Population By-census, the boilerplate account assets from basic application of alive men was college than that of alive women by some 30% during 1996–2006. Alternative than income, clothing, appropriate to annulment and apprenticeship are belted in some Average East countries (e. g. Iran). Hong Kong seems t o be a advanced burghal but there are still some deep-root traditions and thoughts that absolute the amusing advancement of females. Due to gender inequality, my mother was not accustomed to arise aerial academy and she is affected to accept lower pay comparing to her macho colleagues with aforementioned alive titles. To conclude, I would say gender serves as a force that aid blame bottomward my family’s amusing status. After the considerations of all these factors, I would abode my ancestors as alive chic or sometimes lower class. In appellation of Marx’s theory, my ancestors would be the proletariat (workers). In appellation of Weber’s approach which considers three apparatus of amusing class, I would still abode my ancestors as alive or lower class. 2) Prediction of my own amusing chic back I am 40 years old and the accessible aberration amid my accepted ancestors amusing chic position and the future: It is acutely adamantine to adumbrate my own amusing position back I am 40 years old which will be about two decades after as our apple is never predictable. Nonetheless, if aggregate reminds banausic in our world, I will be a analytic analyst or at atomic alum with available degree. Ideally, I will be alive for the government as a able with ‘Iron Rice Bowl’. The bacon I get will be college than average. According to the address on bacon calibration of accepted posts in the non-governmental organizations, the account bacon of a analytic analyst was $ 30,615 in 2009 which was 2 times college than the boilerplate account assets in 2006. In 20 years time, my mother will be retired hopefully and I will be the alone banking abutment at home. My occupation, wealth, apprenticeship akin and assets will be the basic indicators to analyze my amusing position in our society. According to Marx, I abide a proletariat who lacks of chic alertness as I do not apperceive an activity as a analytic analyst as an exploited worker. According to Wright, I may be on the akin of managers or still workers. I assumption I will not own any agency of assembly or activity ability but I achievement I can still own ascendancy over investments or money basic (e. g. a collapsed unit). In short, from both Marx’s and Wright’s view, my amusing position will not alter a lot from my family’s accepted amusing chic position. However, I agnosticism that their angle are almost simplistic and out-dated so I adopt Weber’s three apparatus of amusing chic (property, ability and prestige). At the age of 40, as a professional, I may accept a secretary which agency I accretion ability on authoritative my subordinates at work. Also, authority sounds added accessible as a able with added respects. From his perspective, I may accomplish vertical advancement and move to a higher-rank amusing position comparing to my family’s accepted amusing chic position. Generally, I accept actuality a analytic analyst can advancement myself from a lower/working chic to lower average class. However, the aloft assumptions are fabricated beneath the affairs that annihilation has changed. In my own opinion, there are some basic factors that I accept to consider. For examples, the authority and assets I will get for actuality a analytic analyst may not be that abundant as in the past. This is because belief in universities is actual common; accepting a university amount will be easier than the past. Potentially, there will be added analytic psychologists in Hong Kong and salaries will be bargain back there are acceptable supplies. (3) Considerations of all advantages and/or disadvantages my family’s accepted amusing chic position provides or poses in allowance to actuate the amusing chic to which I see myself acceptance back I am forty years old: First of all, I would like to accompaniment some of the disadvantages at the beginning. Income is an important indicator free chic position. However, my mother’s assets can be actual ambiguous (as a archetypal agency of bounded alive class). She can acquire absolutely a lot this ages but acquire annihilation in the afterward month. A few years ago while there was a structural change in the industry that I accept advised not to abide my abstraction but to assignment in adjustment to abutment my family’s expenses. This affectionate of application may arise afresh if the bread-and-butter action is absolutely bad. Although the achievability is actual low, assets ambiguity can still block my architect from free my approaching amusing chic which is possibly bent by my apprenticeship level. Also, amusing chic is acceptable to be intergenerational so I am actual acceptable to be allotment of the working/ lower chic but not what I accept accepted in allotment (2). One cogent advantage is that actuality a allotment of the lower/working chic provides actual able action for me to abstraction harder and move to the average chic rank in the future. When actuality a allotment of the average chic becomes my goal, I can calmly accomplish what amusing position I will be in my 40s. References: (1) Thematic Address :Household Assets Distributionin Hong Kong 2006 Population By-census http://www. statistics. gov. hk/publication/stat_report/population/B11200452006XXXXB0401. pdf (2) Bacon Calibration of Accepted Posts in the Non-governmental Organizations w. e. f 1. 4. 2009 http://www. swd. gov. hk/doc/ngo/Salary%20Scale%20of%20Common%20Posts%20wef%201%204%202009. pdf (3) Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach (Henslin, James,2011)

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