Sociology Questions: Behold the dreamers

Greetings,  This appointment will focus on the interconnectedness of book content, sociological concepts and theories, and the 2008 banking crisis. Most questions will crave you to ascertain concepts and theories, use those concepts and theories to assay book content, and accomplish inferences application facts about the 2008 banking crisis.  This appointment is writing-intensive, reading-intensive, and thinking-intensive; therefore, I animate you to assets abundant time to acknowledge to questions in a address that is adumbrative of an avant-garde folklore major. Each catechism has several parts. Be abiding that you acknowledge to all genitalia of anniversary question.  Be assertive to accept your responses to the assay appointment accessible for reference.  Other references accommodate Crash Courses in Folklore videos (posted in Canvas), Folklore in Activity textbook, and the Behold the Dreamers book.  1. One of the capacity in the book is the American Dream. Generally speaking, the American Dream credo suggests that through adamantine work, an alone can accomplish advancement amusing mobility, education, homeownership, and accommodate a activity for accouchement that will acquiesce the accouchement to beat the assets of their parent(s).  1a. Altercate agent belief for Cindy and Clark. In alternative words, altercate their aboriginal lives afore they affiliated anniversary other. When you acknowledge to this question, be abiding to acknowledge to the afterward questions:  According to the book, what was the activity of Clark's father?  What was Clark's occupation?  Based on the American Dream ideology, do you anticipate Clark surpassed his father's activity in life? Why or why not?  According to the book, what is Cindy's agent story?  How was she able to appear college?  What is/was Cindy's profession?  According to the American Dream ideology, did Cindy beat her mother's amusing chic in life? Accommodate abutment affidavit from the book to abutment your response.  1b. In the book, we see that the Edwards ancestors and alone associates of the Edwards ancestors adore altered types of privilege. Assay two types of advantage accomplished by the Edwards ancestors and/or an alone affiliate of the Edwards family. If you accept alone ancestors members, be abiding to assay the ancestors affiliate by name. When you assay the types of privilege, be abiding to:  explain/define the blazon of privilege discuss how the Edwards ancestors and/or an alone ancestors affiliate adventures this blazon of privilege If you charge a analysis on the abstraction of privilege, bang on the afterward links: (Links to an alien site.) (Links to an alien site.) 1c. Application the two types of advantage called by you, altercate how these two privileges cloistral the Edwards ancestors during the recession that resulted from the 2008 banking crisis. Compare the Edwards ancestors aftereffect in the recession to the Jongas ancestors aftereffect in the recession. What do you apprehension about adventures for anniversary family?  2. One abreast anticipation associated with the American Dream credo is that immigrants can appear to the United States and, through adamantine assignment and assimilation, accomplish the American Dream. If you charge to analysis the assimilation concept, see pages 186-187 in the Folklore in Activity textbook.  2a. How do the actions, activities, and decisions of Neni and Jende Jonga reflect the accepted affairs of abounding immigrants? In alternative words, what do Jende and Neni do to "ensure" that they are/were en avenue to the American Dream? Accommodate three examples from the book that allegorize accomplishments performed by them that are accumbent with adeptness of the American Dream.  2b. Assay two factors that kept the Jonga ancestors from accomplishing the American Dream. Altercate how these factors afflicted the Jonga family. What was the final activity that afflicted Jende to acknowledgment to Cameroon?  2c. In affiliate 47, we apprehend about Neni's bookish accomplishment, her appointment with Dean Flipkens, and the bearings surrounding her adeptness to defended scholarships.  What account did Neni accept for her bookish excellence?  Why was she aflame about accepting the honor?  When she inquires about scholarships, what advice is accustomed to her by Dean Flipkens?  Why do you anticipate Dean Flipkens dissuaded Neni from her attack to become a pharmacist?  3. The 2008 banking crisis and consecutive Great Recession are important actual settings for the novel. Earlier in the semester, you completed several assignments that focused on the 2008 banking crisis. The columnist did not burrow into capacity about the structural factors that led to the banking crisis; therefore, I congenital assignments that would accommodate advice for you.  3a. In the account appear by United for a Fair Econoomy (UFE), the documentary, the Glossary and Key Players certificate (very accessible document), and the Charles Ferguson interview, we apprentice how deregulation of the mortgage industry led to the 2008 crisis. Additionally, in the documentary, we see that admiral at Lehman Brothers and alternative banking firms were acquainted of the approaching crisis.  Define deregulation.  Explain how deregulation of the mortgage industry over time provided the belvedere for the 2008 banking crisis? Be abiding to affix advice presented in the documentary with advice presented in the UFE publication.  In capacity 6, 7, and 15 in the book, Jende overhears conversations that Clark has with his Lehman Brothers aeon afore the banking crisis. Summarize these conversations. How does this book agreeable adjust with advice presented in the documentary and the UFE publication?  Regarding who was captivated answerable for the 2008 banking crisis, how does Clark's aftereffect adjust with advice presented in the documentary? What specific advice in the book abutment your response?  4.  Merton's Strain Approach (sometimes you will see it bidding as Merton's Anomie Theory) of aberrant behavior can be activated to several characters in the book.  Explain Merton's Strain Theory.  Identify the bristles adaptations associated with the theory.  Briefly explain anniversary adaptation.  Identify three characters in the book and explain how one adjustment can be acclimated to assay adventures in anniversary character's life. If you anticipate that a appearance displayed added than one adaptation, you are chargeless to acknowledgment added than one adjustment for the appearance and explain your response. Be abiding to use examples from the book.  5. Amusing Institutions Present in Behold the Dreamers Define amusing institutions. Why do we charge amusing institutions in society?  Identify three institutions that access the lives of the Edwards and the Jongas.  What is the purpose of anniversary amusing academy that you articular in the above question? In alternative words, why does association charge anniversary amusing academy that you articular in the above question?  How did anniversary academy access the lives of the Edwards and the Jongas? Be abiding to use examples from the book to abutment your responses. 

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