Sociology of Sports

1. Socialization and Children in Sports Using Microsoft PowerPoint, actualize a minimum 10-slide presentation that addresses and summarizes the afterward questions:  · What is the folklore of sport?  · Why should action be advised as an alternate acquirements process?  · What is the affiliation amid socialization and adolescence sport?  · What appulse does action accord accept on adolescence and amusing development?  The purpose of this appointment is not to aloof acknowledgment the questions but to abutment your angle in a presentation. You are appropriate to use a minimum of two sources to abutment this assignment. Be abiding to accommodate a appellation slide. Cite all of your sources on a advertence accelerate and use APA format. You charge to add a anecdotal (one to two paragraphs) on the accelerate addendum area to briefly explain anniversary slide. NOTE: The appellation accelerate and advertence accelerate do not calculation against the absolute accelerate claim of 10 slides for the presentation. Follow best practices for presentations accompanying to argument size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements.  2. Think aback to a time back you played sports or were complex in an organization. What were the affidavit for this involvement? What were some of the things you learned? Was it a absolute or abrogating experience? Explain. What, if anything, would you accept changed? How has that accord fabricated you who you are today? Discuss your views. Your account access charge be at atomic 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

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