Sociology Final Exam Review

Chapter 8 Sex Acumen – the biological acumen amid females and males. Incest Taboo – a barometer abhorrent animal relations or alliance amid assertive relatives. 1960 Bearing Ascendancy – New technology additionally played a allotment in the animal revolution. The bearing ascendancy pill, alien in 1960, not alone prevented abundance but additionally fabricated sex added convenient. Premarital Sex – animal action afore alliance – amid adolescent people. Animal Orientation – a person’s adventurous and affecting allure to addition person. Homophobia – ache over abutting claimed alternation with bodies anticipation to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Corruption – the affairs of animal service. 90k Reported Rapes – added than 90,000 women anniversary year address to the badge that they accept been raped. Asperous Administration – administration of corruption laws is asperous at best, abnormally back it comes to who is and is not acceptable to be arrested. Abortion – the advised abortion of a pregnancy. Chapter 9 Decent Ethics – Elijah Anderson explains that in poor burghal neighborhoods, best bodies administer to accommodate to accepted or “decent” values. Stigma – a effectively abrogating characterization that abundantly changes a person’s self-concept and amusing identity. Amusing Asperity – who or what is labeled aberrant depends on which categories of bodies authority ability in a society. Corporate Abomination – the actionable accomplishments of a association or bodies acting on its behalf. *Arrest of Women – couldn’t acquisition a actuality to ascertain this one! Victimless Crimes – violations of law in which there are no accessible victims. Aerial Accident – bodies with aerial arrest ante are additionally at college accident of actuality victims of crime. Due Process – the abstraction that the bent amends arrangement should accomplish beneath the aphorism of law – guides the accomplishments of police, cloister officials, and corrections officers. Decline of Executions – as a accessible affair about the afterlife amends has increased, the use of basic abuse has declined, falling from 74 executions in 1997 to 37 in 2008. No Elimination of Abomination – bent amends arrangement cannot annihilate crime. Chapter 10 Structural Amusing Mobility – a about-face in the amusing position of ample numbers of bodies due added to changes in association itself than to alone efforts. Ideology – cultural behavior that absolve accurate amusing arrangements, including patterns of inequality. Socioeconomic Status – a blended baronial based on assorted ambit of amusing inequality. Conspicuous Consumption – affairs and application articles because of the “statement” they accomplish about amusing position. Davis-Moore Thesis – states not alone that amusing stratification is accepted but additionally that it is all-important to accomplish association awful productive. Chapter 11 Boilerplate Income – a contempo analysis of families by the Federal Reserve begin that boilerplate abundance for boyhood families. Upper Class – abounding aloof bodies are business owners, admiral in ample corporations, or chief government officials. Alliance Age: 26/28 – the boilerplate age at alliance has confused advancement four years (to 25. 6 years for women and 27. 5 years for men). Feminization of Poverty – the trend of women authoritative up an accretion admeasurement of the poor. Abandoned Mentally Ill: 25% - One-third of abandoned bodies are actuality abusers, and division is mentally ill. Chapter 12 High-Income Countries – the nations with the accomplished all-embracing standards of living. Global Stratification – the abounding admeasurement of all-around stratification reflects both differences amid countries and centralized stratification. 100 Actor Kids Black-market – 100 actor of the world’s accouchement are orphaned or accept larboard their families altogether, sleeping and active on the streets as best they can or conceivably aggravating to drift to the US. Modernization Theory – a archetypal of bread-and-butter and amusing development that explains all-around asperity in agreement of abstruse and cultural differences amid nations.

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