Sociology assignment (1000 words)

Read Marger, Ch's 1 & 2. Please explain any adventures you accept had that accord you a accurate absorption in the affair of chase and indigenous relations in the U.S. today. Let me apperceive what you are acquisitive to get out of this class. Please accord your assessment on the analogue of RACE and ETHNICITY What issues/problems do we face in our association today with attention to race/ethnic relations? MIN 500 words. Read Marger, Ch's 3 & 4. Please watch a minimum of 4 hours of television this week. Select any shows of absorption and beam how associates of altered chase and/or indigenous groups are portrayed (or are not shown). Take addendum on what you see in alertness for this assignment. Describe the TV shows you watched this anniversary and how assorted ancestral and indigenous groups were portrayed (including any groups acutely missing). Consider the admeasurement of these groups in the U.S. and agenda whether representation is proportional or not. Discuss how the assorted ancestral and indigenous groups are portrayed. Are they characterized realistically, or stereotypically? MIN 500 words.

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