Sociology and Tutor Marked Assignment

A. Descriptive Category Questions (DCQ) acknowledgment any two in 500 words each Analyse the change of man as a apparatus authoritative animal. 20 Does the column – Industrial association alter from the Industrial society? Explain 20 Analyse the role of Gandhi in the National Movement. 20 How do you appraise the achievement of Indian Economy during the antecedent years of Globalization (since 1991)? 20 B. Middle Category Questions (MCQ) acknowledgment any four in 250 words each Discuss the achievements of Renaissance in the acreage of art and architecture. 12 Has the Indian Economy fabricated any advance in the acreage of Distributive justice? 12 Discuss the charge Principles of State policies. Discuss the axiological Rights affirmed by the Indian Constitution. How are the different? 12  What role do non-state actors comedy in the autonomous process? Discuss. 12  What role does allocation comedy in the administration of organizations? Discuss. 12  Discuss the abstraction of governance. Is adopting artlessness in the arrangement a allotment of acceptable governance. 12 How do you attending at the abstraction of ‘Human Security’? D iscuss. 12 Discuss the abstraction of “Digital Divide”. How do you anticipate it can be bridged? 12 C.

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