Write addendum in the margins of the readings or on a abstracted area of cardboard or abstracted file. Then acknowledgment the afterward questions in abounding sentences (either handwritten or typed is fine). Your answers should be 2-6 sentences, depending on the question. Include folio numbers in your responses so that you can accredit aback to the account during the altercation or back allurement questions. Turn in this appointment on the advance website afore chic on July 18. Questions for Foucault (1978), Conduct and Punish, pages 3-31, 195-228: 1. According to Foucault (1978), what are the two means that abuse afflicted back the eighteenth century? 2. How are ability and ability related? (Hint: attending for the acknowledgment in both chapters). 3. What is Bentham’s Panopticon? What are its furnishings on prisoners? (Hint: this is about the anatomy of prisons). 4. How can the panopticon be activated to alternative contexts (besides prisons)? 5. Interpret the afterward quote: “The movement from…a action of aberrant conduct to one of ambiguous surveillance, rests on a actual transformation: the bit-by-bit addendum of the mechanisms of conduct throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, their advance throughout the accomplished amusing body, the accumulation of what ability be alleged in accepted the antidotal society” (Foucault 1978, p. 209) 6. How was the advance of the antidotal association (which we alive in today) affiliated to the actual development of states and capitalism? 7. What is an archetype of antidotal mechanisms (or the panopticon added specifically) in your own activity or 21st-century societies? How is it an example?

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