Here is your adventitious to try your duke at architecture a assay proposal. In this exercise, you will apply the accomplish of the accurate adjustment to actualize a proposal.  YOU WILL NOT ACTUALLY CONDUCT THIS RESEARCH.  Instead, you will acquaint me how you would do it, advertisement the accomplish of the adjustment and bushing in your advice as follows. I PROVIDED EXAMPLES, LOOK!! This should booty up about 1/2 a page.  Do not accent about it--it's not too difficult!  If you complete it, you will acquire 5/5 points. 1.  Defining the problem           -What are you activity to research?  Phrase this in the anatomy of a catechism to abridge measurement.  Then operationalize your concepts--make them assessable by defining them.            -example:  Does accepting a acceptable night's beddy-bye affect achievement on exams in sociology?  I can operationalize "good night's sleep" as 8+ hours of ceaseless sleep, and "exam performance" as the brand becoming on an                exam. 2.  Literature review          -provide three agreement that you would use in a chase for advice in a library database. -example:  sleep and concentration, beddy-bye and bookish performance, anamnesis and assay taking... 3.  Formulating the hypothesis          -What do you anticipate you would acquisition if you performed this study, and why?  What are the absolute and abased variables for your study?  Are there affected variables? -example:  I accept that accepting 8 hours of beddy-bye afore an assay will advance focus, concentration, and advice retention.  In my study, the absolute capricious is bulk of sleep, because I anticipate it affects the                     dependent capricious (outcome), assay performance.  Spurious variables that ability affect my abstraction could accommodate apprentice employment, illness, beddy-bye disruption, etc. 4.  Data accumulating and analysis           -How would you aggregate abstracts on this problem?  Which abstracts accumulating adjustment (survey, experiment, observation, or accessory analysis) is best adapted and why?  Who would you sample, and how?  Are there ethical concerns? -example:  I would conduct an agreement application a accidental sample of Moreno Valley College students.  I would breach my accumulation in bisected and accelerate one bisected to the Mission Inn for a abundant night's sleep.  ;)  The alternative bisected would                 be awoken frequently while sleeping,  Then I would analyze the boilerplate after-effects of both groups.  There are no absolute ethical issues because this assay will not accident the bloom or assurance of the participants. 5.  Developing the conclusion:  all you accept to say is, "my antecedent was supported."  You're all done!

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