PART A: WHAT DID THE RESEARCHERS LEARN? 1) Article Review: Title of Appointment is Using a Sociological Approach   a) Prepare to complete your appointment by reviewing the accessories below. Select one for the focus of your assignment. ••  “The narrowing, but persistent, gender gap in pay” 2017/04/03/gender-pay-gap-facts/   PART B: WHAT WOULD THE THEORIES SAY? Remember: The four above sociological theories are Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism, and Rational Choice Theory.  Use one of the four above sociological theories to explain the key allegation in the analysis commodity you advised in Part A . You should abode two paragraphs, one for anniversary question.   a) How would this approach explain the key allegation or cessation of the analysis in the article?  b) What limitations does this approach authenticate in acclamation the botheration advised in the analysis article?   PART C: WHAT DO YOU THINK? Use your commodity to advice acknowledgment the questions below.  You should abode two paragraphs, one for anniversary question.   a) What would you advance to abode this problem?  b) What added analysis would you conduct to advice abode the botheration advised in the analysis article?

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