society discussion 12

  Part 1 “NASA: All-around altitude change”  (Links to an alien site.) “What should you say to a altitude change skeptic?” (Links to an alien site.) “Meet the evangelical Christian persuading believers that altitude change is real” (Links to an alien site.) Part 2 “Rash of suicides in India—Cotton farmers after hope” (Links to an alien site.) (video, 6:10 minutes) “Australia: Suicides amid farmers” (Links to an alien site.) (video, 6:45 minutes) “Trading down: How arbitrary barter hurts farmers [in poor countries]” (Links to an alien site.) “Agribusiness is adverse to ancestors farmers, rural communities, and the environment” (Links to an alien site.) Part 3 “Farming and biodiversity” (Links to an alien site.) Part 4 The amoroso that permeates the American diet has a barbarian history as the ‘white gold’ that fueled slavery” (Links to an alien site.) GPCC, affiliate 7, “Environment and consumption” What are the key indicators of all-around altitude change, according to NASA? And what affirmation should be acicular out to altitude skeptics? How do aliment exports from affluent countries to poor countries aching average and baby farmers in poor countries?  What problems in accepted do accumulated agronomics cause? What are the abreast causes of suicide amid ancestors farmers? What problems does “Farming and biodiversity” address? What are its recommendations? How are these accompanying to the “clean agriculture revolution” (Week 12)? Describe either “the case of sugar” or “the adventure of beef” (in GPCC). Post to Canvas (ASSIGNMENTS or DISCUSSIONS) by abutting Sunday, 11:59 pm. 250 chat minimum; no best chat count. Display the chat calculation at the end of your post.

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