Socialization paper assignment

  Assignment Instructions Assignment 1: Socialization Due by 11:55p on Sunday of Week 3 Assignment 1 meets the afterward advance objectives: Apply a sociological angle to the amusing world. Analyze abreast amusing issues appliance the sociological acuteness and use sociological theories and concepts to assay accustomed life. Demonstrate the adeptness to identify, locate, and retrieve advice accompanying to the capacity in the course. Describe ability and socialization Purpose The primary ambition of this exercise is to administer your developing sociological ability and abilities to the assay of the action of socialization. Writing Expectations This should be 4-6 pages long, double-spaced, 11pt chantry (arial or times new roman), with 1" margins. Instructions: Describe and assay the action of socialization. Begin with responding to the catechism “Who Am I?” In your description, accomplish abiding to absorb the concepts we accept addressed in the course, such as roles, statuses, accumulation membership, etc.  Your acknowledgment to this catechism should be at atomic 1+ folio in length.  Next, assay at atomic 4 agents of socialization that accept afflicted your development as an individual, absorption on adolescence socialization into adulthood.  Consider, for example, the means in which the family, religion, media, peers, and apprenticeship accept afflicted your development, opportunities, and activity choices. Your assay of the action of socialization should be 3+ pages in breadth and absorb at atomic 4 sociological concepts or theories covered in this advance (hint: sociological concepts should be acutely articular and again applied; any apery or absolute quotes acclimated from addition antecedent should accommodate APA formatted in-text citations and a abounding commendation at the end of the essay.  Examples of accompanying concepts and theories accommodate the self, moral development, attributes and nurture, and resocialization).   Grading Rubric Exemplary Accomplished Developing Beginning Did not attempt Who am I description   5 points Exemplary Detailed description of individual’s identity, roles, statuses as applicable 5 points Accomplished Discussed roles and statuses, including the ambience and alertness as applicable 4.3 points Developing Discussed roles and statuses, some capacity lacking  3.8 points Beginning Briefly declared roles and statuses, capacity lacking 3.3 points Did not attempt No altercation of roles and statuses or description lacks detail 0 points Analysis of socialization   10 points Exemplary Clearly analyzed socialization process, anecdotic and anecdotic 4+ affecting agents of socialization 10 points Accomplished Discussed the socialization process, identifies and describes 4 affecting agents of socialization 8.5 points Developing Discussed the socialization process; some detail lacking. 7.5 points Beginning Discussed acceptation of the events; did not accommodate cultural, symbolic, structural, or amusing meaning 6.5 points Did not attempt Did not acutely altercate the acceptation of the events 0 points Related concepts 5 points Exemplary Clearly and accurately activated 4+ accordant sociological concepts and/or theories 5 points Accomplished Applied 4 accordant sociological concepts and/or theories 4.3 points Developing Applied at atomic 3 accompanying concepts; some detail lacking 3.8 points Beginning Applied at atomic 1 concept; some detail lacking 3.3 points Did not attempt Did not accommodate accompanying concepts or appliance is defective in detail. 0 points Writing expectations; APA formatting   2.5 points Exemplary Follows autograph expectations. Includes a appellation page. Included APA formatted in-text citations and abounding references for all paraphrased and quoted assignment from alternative sources. 2.5 points Accomplished Some autograph expectations may accept been missed. Minor errors in APA formatting of citations. 2.1 points Developing Writing expectations somewhat followed. Assorted errors in APA formatting of citations. 1.9 points Beginning Writing expectations not followed; little use of APA format. 1.6 points Did not attempt Writing expectations not met; APA architecture not attempted. 0 points Grammar & Spelling   2.5 points Exemplary Author makes no errors in grammar or spelling that abstract the clairvoyant from the content. 2.5 points Accomplished Author makes a brace of errors in grammar or spelling that abstract the clairvoyant from the content. 2.1 points Developing Author makes a few errors in grammar or spelling that abstract the clairvoyant from the content. 1.9 points Beginning Author makes assorted errors in grammar or spelling that abstract the clairvoyant from the content. 1.6 points Did not attempt Author makes abounding errors in grammar and spelling such that the absorbed of the cardboard cannot be understood. 0 points

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