Social Work- Psychological Development of Adolescents

Argumentative behavior, assurance in concrete altercations, and affirmation of affection swings can all announce that an boyish is experiencing acrimony and depression. Self-harming can apparent in adolescents, too, as they acquaintance difficult emotions. For this, apprehend the case abstraction of Dalia and accede what you, as her amusing worker, would do if you empiric self-harm indicators. Post a abrupt account of self-harming behaviors that Dalia is exhibiting. Describe abstract approaches and applied abilities you would apply in alive with Dalia. How ability familial relationships aftereffect in Dalia’s self-harming behavior? Please use the Learning Resources to abutment your answer.   Working With Accouchement and Adolescents: The Case of Dalia Dalia is a 14-year-old, biracial changeable of African and Irish American coast who resides with her parents in a common suburb. She is the youngest of three accouchement and is currently the abandoned adolescent actual in the home. Dalia’s parents accept been affiliated for 25 years. Dalia’s ancestor works in the artistic arts acreage with a nontraditional assignment agenda that has him gone brief and sleeping backward into the morning. Dalia’s mother is an controlling who works continued hours. Dalia was diagnosed with sickle corpuscle anemia in aboriginal adolescence and was ailing assorted times. At present, Dalia’s bloom is abiding with the aftermost austere adventure occurring 2 years ago. Dalia’s parents appear that until average school, Dalia was an easygoing, acquiescent youngster who enjoyed singing and accommodating in activities with her aeon and family. Dalia denied any problems with drugs or booze but accustomed to bubbler with friends. Dalia declared her ancestors relationships as tense, stating, “My dad lets me do what I want” and “My mother is consistently aggravating to ascendancy me.” Dalia declared her accord with her earlier brother, who lives in addition state, as “cool,” and her accord with her earlier sister, a academy sophomore, as “not cool.” Dalia’s parents approved out counseling casework for behavioral issues on the advocacy of her school. The issues included belligerent behavior with ascendancy figures, concrete altercations with peers, poor absorption in class, annoyed mood, exact aggressiveness back confronted, truancy, and awful sexualized behavior with macho peers. At home, Dalia had become added belligerent and physically threatening. Her parents had apparent that she and her accompany drank booze in their home. Dalia’s parents additionally appear that she was up best of the night and slept best of the day. They additionally appear that her affection was awful annoyed and that she was acutely impulsive. She had no absorption in accepting complex with any extracurricular activities, advertence that those things are “corny and boring.” In the aboriginal meeting, Dalia and her mother both appeared agitated with anniversary alternative and became belligerent back activity through the assimilation information. Dalia bound told me that she was not planning to allocution about annihilation because this affair was her parents’ idea. She stated, “I don’t accept any problems, my parents do.” Soon into this aboriginal visit, Dalia blurted out that her mother was agitated with her because she had aloof apparent her a boom she had had done recently, purchased by application a afflicted ID. I accustomed her account and asked if this was the way that she usually aggregate important advice with her mother. Dalia shrugged and stated, “I don’t know. I amount I bigger her acquaint her now afore she gets too busy.” I asked both Dalia and her mother what their expectations were for counseling and what anniversary would like to get from these visits. Dalia’s mother seemed afraid and stated, “This is for her. She bigger change her attitude and alpha to focus on school.” I explained that generally it is accessible to accept sessions both abandoned and with ancestors members. I acicular out that because ancestors issues were articular it ability be advantageous to abode them together. Dalia’s mother agreed to appear some affairs but additionally declared that her time was limited. I was told that Dalia’s ancestor would not be able to accompany us because he was never accessible at that time. Dalia and I began sessions alone, and her mother abutting us for the additional half. During the ancestors sessions, we addressed the advice breakdown amid Dalia and her mother and Dalia’s at-risk behaviors. Alone sessions were acclimated to abode her abrupt behavior and self-esteem issues. In alone sessions, Dalia talked about how the ancestors had afflicted back her sister larboard for college. She said her parents chock-full actuality present and accessible already her sister went abroad to school. She said she spent added time on her own and her behavior was beneath added scrutiny. Dalia additionally talked about her sister, anecdotic her as an able apprentice and actual popular. She said her agents in average academy would generally analyze Dalia to her sister, authoritative her feel bootless in comparison. During a ancestors allocation of a session, Dalia’s mother initially disagreed with Dalia’s point of appearance apropos how the ancestors had changed, stating, “She’s aloof aggravating to ambush you.” I encouraged them to altercate what was altered about the ancestors dynamics now compared to back the earlier sister was at home. We discussed how the ancestors had afflicted through the years, acceptance both perspectives. In time, I was able to accept Dalia’s ancestor accompany us in some of the ancestors meetings. He said he acquainted Dalia’s behaviors were aloof a date and allotment of actuality a teenager. Dalia’s parents disagreed aboveboard in our sessions, with anniversary blaming the alternative for her behavioral issues. During these sessions, we addressed how they anniversary may accept afflicted as their accouchement able and larboard home and how this afflicted their availability to their youngest child. I helped them analyze what fabricated Dalia’s acquaintance audible from her siblings’ and appraise what her high-risk behaviors ability be in acknowledgment to or appropriate of in the family. In the advance of the ancestors work, the realities of actuality a biracial ancestors and adopting mixed-race accouchement were additionally addressed. We discussed how the parents navigated chase issues during their own courting and looked at the role of acculturation and assimilation with their accouchement in their amusing environments as able-bodied as corresponding families of origin. Educating both parents about chase and amusing chic advantage seemed abounding in compassionate distinctions amid what they and their accouchement may accept faced. After 12 weeks it was agreed that analysis would end because Dalia would be starting aerial academy and the ancestors acquainted bigger able to abode conflict. The ancestors had fabricated some changes with the domiciliary agenda that added parent–child contact, and Dalia agreed to added anatomy in her agenda and accustomed a position as a affected advisor in a bounded day affected for the summer. Abortion addressed what was able in this allocation of analysis and what ability be addressed in approaching counseling. The abortion action included reviewing the strategies of battle resolution and creating opportunities for ancestors acquaintance and altercation in adjustment to reinforce those behavioral and structural changes that had led to bigger advice and battle reduction.

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