Social Work Paper

   Ethical Reflection Paper In this abrupt 3-5 folio paper, you will conduct an assay of the causes of abjection as a amusing problem, and will accomplish an ethical altercation for what, as a aftereffect of your analysis, we should do (or not do) to abode abjection in this country. It is not all-important to draw from the abstract to assay this topic—rather, use your adventures and behavior advancing into this advance to acquaint your argument. Cite the sources for your beliefs, whether from able abstract or alternative sources. The cardboard should chase APA standards.  Your ethical acumen should draw from ethical frameworks presented in class. In this cardboard you charge administer one of the three primary ethical frameworks covered in the course—utilitarianism, deontology or Rawls’ distributive justice—to the action you acclaim to abode the problem. The cardboard brand will not be based on the ethical position you take, but rather the backbone of your ethical altercation to abutment your position and your insights about what afflicted your ethical positions. In this assay you will be deconstructing your cerebration processes about this topic. Your positions will be graded on the base of: Clarity – Are your arguments, insights, and change bright or do they charge added clarification? Relevance – Is your acumen accordant and admiring of your ethical positions? Depth – Are your affidavit and insights acceptable to abode the complication of the amusing botheration and claimed behavior and values? Breadth – Do arguments focuses on assorted perspectives, and insights about the ambit of factors that access people’s positions? Logic – Are your accumulated thoughts mutually acknowledging and abutment your all-embracing positions?    �~

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