Social Work Leadership- Assignment: Journal: Leadership and Management—A Personal Perspective

  you began exploring the similarities and differences of administration and administration roles and the contributions these roles accomplish to an organization’s functioning. Amusing workers charge to be acquainted of these similarities and differences in adjustment to actuate which administration or administration abilities are best adapted in a accustomed position or situation. This week, you accept focused on the access of alien factors on an organization’s activity with a appropriate focus on their appulse on the administration of amusing workers in authoritative roles. As you accept explored administration and administration roles, skills, and behaviors, you may accept become acquainted of how these align, or do not align, with your claimed skills, strengths, and interests. You may additionally accept amorphous to accede how alien factors ability access you if you were to accept a administration or administration role in amusing work. For this Assignment, you appraise your strengths and areas for advance in adjustment to actuate what aspects of administration and administration are a acceptable “fit” with your personality, administration style, and accordant skills. You additionally abode how alien factors ability access you as you serve in a administration or administration role. Assignment (4–5 paragraphs): Complete the following: Assess your strengths and areas for advance with attention to both the administration and administration roles based on what you accept about these roles so far. Be abiding to abode whether your abilities and interests adjust bigger with the administration or administration role. Identify at atomic one breadth of advance in either of these roles you would like to added develop, and explain why. Identify two cogent alien factors that ability access your assignment if you served in a administration or administration role in amusing work. Explain why these alien factors are cogent and how they ability affect your assignment as a baton or manager.

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