Social Work HIV Essay

*In argument bookish references needed    PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE=HIV/AIDS POPULATION=HOMOSEXUALS In a 5- to 7-page report: Introduction · Describe the specific population(s) (ethnic or ancestral group, homosexuals, veterans, women, children, adolescents, etc.) afflicted by the bloom affair you selected. Explain how this citizenry is discriminately afflicted by the bloom affair you selected. · Explain the primary determinants of the bloom issue.  · Then, explain how these determinants accord to the disparities in affliction for the population. · Explain what specific amusing assignment interventions you ability apparatus to abode this bloom issue, abate or annihilate disparities, and advance bloom outcomes. · Identify some challenges you may appointment back implementing the interventions. Then, explain the strategies you ability apply to abode these challenges. · Explain the advancement roles a medical amusing artisan ability comedy in acclamation the disparities in bloom affliction for the bloom issues and citizenry you selected. · Cite your acknowledgment application alien bookish resources. · Conclusion

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