social work

   Watch "The Broken Child" acquaint aural Learning Module Five. 1 Select one (1) of the people/situations portrayed in the video. Discuss the afterward questions for the person/situation you chose: a. What type(s) of adolescent crime was/were portrayed?  Label the type(s) and explain what you saw that fabricated you anticipate of this blazon of maltreatment? b. What problems or accident factors were presented that arise to accept acquired the maltreatment? c. What aftereffect of the crime did you see? d. What was your assessment of the attempts at action that were made? e. What was hasty to you about this being or situation?  Why was this hasty to you? The purpose of the cardboard is to accommodate you with an befalling to anticipate about and acknowledge to the video, decidedly in ablaze of lectures and readings.  Thoughts, reactions, and questions about the video should be recorded in this paper.  Please do not artlessly abridge what happened in the video – you will lose credibility on the appointment for accomplishing this. You MUST adduce at atomic three (3) sources of advice in your cardboard (e.g., actual from your book, the readings, or the lecture) to accept abounding credit. You may additionally accommodate readings from accomplished modules. The video does not calculation as a source. Your cardboard should be at atomic two complete pages and no added than four pages.  Sources: McCoy, M. L., & Keen, S. M. (2014). Adolescent corruption and carelessness (2nd Ed.). New York, New York: Psychology Press.

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