Social Welfare and Social Policy

   SWOK 600:  Social Abundance and Amusing Policy Read the admonition that beginning anniversary section. You can counterbalance the point bulk for anniversary alert aural the ambit set for that section. Be abiding that the absolute accessible point bulk equals 100. If your responses are not accustomed by this time – and you accept not announced with me advanced – it may attempt your final grade.  Section 1: Clarifying Terms and ApplyingConcepts: For anniversary of the afterward prompts, acknowledge briefly (approximately 3-4 sentences– or bullets – for each).50 credibility total: 4-6 credibility each. 1) Call two of the following: a. Three shortcomings of the federal abjection band as a admeasurement of charge in the United States. b. Three means in which account U.S. Department of Labor measures of application and unemployment abort to abduction a complete account of people’s assignment – or abridgement thereof. c. How “point in time” counts of homelessness adulterate the admeasurement of the botheration of apartment denial in the U.S. 2) What is the appulse (or, added cynically, the abeyant purpose) of such failings [i.e., in Q1]to abduction the admeasurement of amusing problems? 3) A array of action and programmatic approaches accept been pursued at the federal and accompaniment levels evidently to abode poverty. Accommodate and briefly call one specific archetype for anniversary of the following: a. Cash assistance b. Tax credits/deductions c. In-kind benefits/vouchers d. Human basic development 4) Explain how the afterward are examples of action devolution: a. The conception of TANF Block Grants b. The advance and admeasurement of “Ten Year Plans to End Homelessness” 5) Explain how the afterward are examples of privatization: a. The Medicare Part C Program b. The Apartment Choice and Project-Based Voucher Programs 6) Veghte (2014) identifies “Five Persistent Myths about Amusing Security,” all of which can be apparent as ashore in the allotment mechanisms of Amusing Security. Explain. 7) Call the key similarities and differences amid Amusing Security Affliction Allowance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). 8) Explain why accompaniment behavior accept a cogent appulse on the bulk of federal spending on Medicaid. 9) Call the “housing first” access to acclamation abreast homelessness, which has developed essentially in the accomplished decade. How does it alter – both philosophically and about – from the “housing ready” archetypal that had been ascendant back the acceleration of abreast homelessness? 10) What is the purpose of insurance? How does the burst U.S. bloom allowance “system” attenuate this purpose? 11) Articulate three key accoutrement of the Affordable Affliction Act and their impact. Section 2: Connecting Accomplished and Present: Explain how the accomplished has afflicted the present in the afterward behavior and programs. Acknowledge to two of the afterward prompts in a brace of paragraphs each.8-12 credibility each. 1) Jean-Baptiste Aphonse Karr – forth with Bon Jovi – observed, “The added things change, the added they break the same.” President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich (in)famously approved to “end abundance as we apperceive it,” and abundance ameliorate – in particular, the Personal Responsibility and Assignment Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) – had cogent impacts. Many of the changes embodied in the Temporary Abetment for Needy Families (TANF) Program, however, were adumbrated in the history of amusing abundance action in the U.S. – and in the AFD and AFDC programs, in particular. Call means in which the Clinton-Gingrich “welfare reform” can be apparent as constant with accomplished U.S. abundance policies. 2) Michelle Alexander argues the acceleration of accumulation incarceration functions as “The New Jim Crow.” Call the means that accumulation incarceration – to accommodate accompanying behavior and practices of the acknowledged and law administration systems – appulse individuals, families, communities, and association in means that are agnate to or evocative of antecedent mechanisms of ancestral ascendancy and caste. 3) “Past is prologue,” wrote Shakespeare in The Tempest. Explain how Amusing Security developed and afflicted back its conception in 1935, and how its history influences one or two of the accepted issues accompanying to the affairs – e.g., its solvency, its coverage, the (in)accessibility of affliction allowances for those who are acutely marginalized. 4) Eugene O’Neill wrote, “There is no present or approaching – alone the past, accident over and over again, now.” How has the history of apartment action led to what Professor Lawrence Brown has alleged “The White L and Black Butterfly” in Baltimore Burghal – and a hypersegregated burghal 50 years afterwards the Fair Apartment Act. Section 3: Interrogating the Accord amid Accessible Action and Political Economy: Acknowledge to one of the afterward prompts analytical the accord amid amusing problems, accessible policy, and political abridgement in a brace of paragraphs. 8-12 points. 1) Ache and homelessness are awful acquiescent problems in the U.S.: that is, their solutions assume almost simple. (E.g., the way to end a person’s ache is to accommodate the being food, and we accept abundant aliment to augment our neighbors who are hungry.) Given this, one can analytic brainstorm that their actuality and chain accomplish some array of amusing function. Explain this appearing bucking (e.g., amid people-less houses and house-less people). Who allowances from the aliment of aliment and apartment crisis and deprivation? How?  2) Today added and added bodies allocution about the “failed” War on Drugs and the acceleration of accumulation incarceration, but if the action was a complete failure, it acceptable would no best exist. As such, we ability be led to ask: who allowances from what Michelle Alexander calls “The New Jim Crow”? What are the bread-and-butter allowances of accumulation incarceration? 3) Roughly 12 actor bodies alive in the United States after affidavit – alone ~700,000 of whom accept protections as a aftereffect of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival. How does clearing action in the U.S. affix to one or added of the bristles appropriate appearance of the abreast U.S. political abridgement as articulate by Blau? Section 4: Analyzing and CritiquingCurrent Action Proposals: In a brace of paragraphs, acknowledge to one the afterward prompts application concepts/criteria discussed in the advance – e.g., accelerating and astern taxation, populations-at-risk, amplitude of coverage, capability (horizontal and vertical), disinterestedness (horizontal and vertical), efficiency, effectiveness, and ethics of amusing assignment and amusing justice. In accomplishing so, you should briefly call the action angle in question. 8-12 points. 1) A countless of proposals accept been appropriate to ameliorate (or “save”) Amusing Security. Explain and assay one advantage that would extend the solvency of the program. 2) Conservative political leaders accept proposed changes to assertive alms programs – specifically, SNAP and Medicaid – that would catechumen them into block grants administered at the state-level. Explain and assay the about-face of either SNAP or Medicaid to a block grant. 3) HUD Secretary Carson proposed acceptance bounded apartment authorities to appoint assignment requirements on those lining in public(ly subsidized) housing. Explain and assay the appulse of such a proposal. 4) The alleged “individual mandate” was finer alone in the 2018 tax reform. Explain and assay the acceptable appulse of such efforts to disengage such apparatus of the ACA. 5) Accelerating leaders accept proposed “single-payer” costs mechanisms for accepted bloom affliction in the United States. Explain and assay key aspects of a single-payer proposal. 6) President Trump proposed a “merit-based” clearing system. Explain and assay key aspects of such a system. 7) The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Bread-and-butter Security (CARES) Act included changes to unemployment abetment and allowance in the ambience of the accepted pandemic. Explain and assay key changes to unemployment allowance affairs in the CARES Act. 8) Accepted Basic Income (UBI) had been a almost abstruse action angle until Andrew Yang fabricated it a centerpiece of his presidential campaign. The action – implemented at atomic briefly – has acquired added abutment as the cardinal of bodies who face unemployment or furlough acceleration significantly. Explain and assay key aspects of such a program.  9) Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders proposed implementing a abundance tax on the richest bodies in the United States. Explain and assay key aspects of such a policy. 40 absolute credibility for sections 2-4. Section 5:  What Did You Apprentice in School Today?  Assess your own learning:  Respond to both questions in this section.  You will apprentice throughout your life, but rarely will your acquirements be adjourned by an exam.  Because of this, it is important to advance a addiction of assessing the way that your compassionate has developed and deepened.  10 credibility for both. 1) What was the best important affair that you abstruse during your time in this course?  What is the best cogent way that your compassionate deepened over the advance of our time together? 2) What new questions are you allurement yourself as a aftereffect of your acquirements in the course?

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