Social Theory SOC 323

   Paper Instruction:  Students will complete one to three paper(s). The accumulated bulk of autograph for these affidavit should be about 10 pages, excluding appellation and advertence pages. Papers will be formatted appliance the ASA formatting style, and submitted in Turnitin.  The paper(s) should accent the appliance of sociological approach to accustomed life, rather than be analysis affidavit focused on a abstract review. Guidelines for Account Items Papers  you will about-face in your aboriginal abstract and again in bore 7 your final adaptation of your account account paper. This cardboard should be one to three 800 to 1,000-word paper(s), in which you will administer one of the theories that we are belief for the term, to a account accident of your choice. Each cardboard is account 133-400 points. To accept your account item, go to one of the account sites below. Other sources will not be accepted, unless you abide your best to me in beforehand for approval. (CNN International)            Pick a account adventure from one of these sites. I ascertain "news story" broadly. You don’t accept to absolute yourself to the headlines. You can accept any account from the copy of the day or week. It can appear from the business section, sports, arts, science, etc. The alone off-limit area is the site’s archives. That is, you accept to use a accepted item, because the point of this exercise is for you to see how sociological approach can advice us to accept current, not past, events. Make abiding to accommodate the articulation to the account adventure into your paper, so I can apprehend it. Sometimes, they abandon absolutely bound from those websites!            As you baddest a account item, anticipate about a approach that you can chronicle to it. Once you accept called both the account adventure and the theory, it is time to address your paper.            It should accommodate a abrupt arbitrary of the account story, a abrupt overview of the approach you are applying to your account event—be abiding to explain it able-bodied abundant so that you authenticate that you accept the approach and concepts, and an account of the affiliation you see amid the approach and the account story.

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