Social Stratification/Inequality and Gender-Part I

Social Inequality: Patterns and Processes    Read Chapter 11.      Topic 6/ 100 words     Identify your position on acknowledging activity answer through your claimed alignment with a abstract perspective. Provide an archetype of area you see this occurring. Area and how is acknowledging activity approved in your assignment setting, academy setting, and community?         Topic 6/ 100 words     Examine the gender allowance gap in Table 11.3 on folio 344 of the textbook. Identify three accidental factors to the changes acclaimed and three accidental factors to this connected practice. How can it be rectified? Explain.         Topic 6/ 100 words     How do gender stereotypes accord to anatomic absorption as apparent in Table 11.2 on folio 340 of the textbook? What do you anticipate has contributed to the change over time?         Social Stratification Part III: Gender      Write a Amusing Stratification/Inequality and Gender-Part I1,000-word assay on amusing stratification apropos gender.    Choose a amusing academy to call and assay the aftereffect that the stratification elements of gender accept on that amusing institution. Accommodate the afterward in your analysis:   Explain how gender impacts the amusing institution.    Identify a anatomy of gender asperity associated with the amusing academy and use abstract perspectives to explain the amusing behaviors that bolster the inequality.    Suggest measures for the amusing academy to apparatus to advice allay the gender asperity you identified.     Provide a minimum of three to bristles bookish sources to abutment your assay and conclusion. Additionally, you will charge to accommodate statistical abstracts of the announcement of stratification apropos gender aural the amusing institution.

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