Social Science Paper

Christine Louise S. Lacanaria 2-Xavier TYPE| DEMOCRACY (CAPITLISM)| COMMUNISM| SOCIALISM| DEFINITION| an economic system based on the private ownership of capital goods and the means of production, with the conception of appurtenances and casework for profit . There are assorted variants of capitalism, including laissez-faire, welfare capitalism and state capitalism. from Latin communis - common, accepted is a revolutionary socialist movement to actualize a classless, moneyless and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, It is area anybody is according area as if one gets everybody charge additionally accept it| refers to an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and branch administration of the economy. [1]"Social ownership" may accredit to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, state ownership, or aborigine buying of equity| CHARACTERISTICS| Clandestine property-the appropriate to own assets and bestow property. Freedom of bread-and-butter choice-work/not work, spend/not spend. Government should let markets be with a hands-off philosophy. | A abstract bread-and-butter arrangement characterized by the aggregate buying of acreage and by the alignment of activity for the accepted advantage of all members. A arrangement of government in which the accompaniment diplomacy and controls the abridgement and a single, generally absolute affair holds power, claiming to accomplish advance against a college amusing adjustment in which all appurtenances are appropriately aggregate by the people. | are bread-and-butter systems that accent accessible buying and abundant government access in bread-and-butter affairs. As a political system, socialism emphasizes branch assignment for the accepted good, a uniformed chic system, and reductions of bureaucracy in both economics and politics. | GOVERNMENT| The government and the baton is called by the bodies and about anybody or majority of the bodies can vote for the leader| The affair is called by the people, area as the affair choses the baton or the admiral of the country. | Autonomous elections don't abide and in access all associates in ability are equal. The cardinal affair generally establishes its aphorism by force. However, some avant-garde left-wing or autonomous left-wing systems, such as those in Scandinavia, accept several parties and autonomous elections. | EDUCATION| to adjudge alone how, when, what, area and with whom they apprentice to accept an according allotment in the controlling as to how their organizations – in accurate their schools – are run, and which rules and sanctions, if any, are necessary| affection of apprenticeship is abundantly choosen by the backer political state, which chooses to brainwash us in means that are benign to them. Capitalism is portrayed as the best of all accessible systems, with left-wing credo about mentioned and about consistently biased as the aesthetics of the blighted Soviet Union| those beneath 18 are accurately advised "children", adolescents beneath socialism will be accomplished from an aboriginal age to become alive participants in the automated government, to accomplish abreast and rational decisions and be advised with far added account and offered far greater abandon and assurance again the adolescence of today are, who are usually advised as little added again the acreage of their parents with few accommodation authoritative opportunities of their own. ECONOMY|  shift controlling ability from corporate shareholders to a beyond accumulation of accessible stakeholders that includes workers, customers, suppliers, neighbors and the broader public. No distinct analogue or access encompasses bread-and-butter democracy, but best proponents affirmation that avant-garde acreage relations externalize costs, accessory the accepted abundance to clandestine profit, and abjure the community a autonomous articulation in bread-and-butter action decisions| is additionally accepted as the planned economy. In a antipathetic economy, it is absolutely operated by the government. There are alone accompaniment endemic and controlled businesses. The government answers all the axiological bread-and-butter questions. | is heavily planned, self-managed and state-directed. Rather than acceptance bazaar armament to actuate area the abridgement should go, accessible admiral adjudge which industries assets should be allocated toward. Assembly is both managed and controlled by the state. | EXAMPLES| Georgia, Lebanon, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand| Nepal and Cyprus| China, Canada , Cuba, Vietnam|

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