Social Psychology Discussion – 300 or more words and cite sources

Discussion Question:  Violence adjoin women is a key affair aural feminism today. Below are a array of altered issues, movements, or organizations focused on abandon adjoin women. The causes ambit in ambit and goals. Review the advice on the web links provided and altercate the afterward questions. Please analyze and altercate at atomic 2 altered links in your aboriginal post. Try to accomplish abiding anniversary articulation is addressed aural the accumulation by allotment to accommodate one that no one has explored.  How is the botheration defined? What are the strategies for amusing change? What programs or initiatives are accompanying to the topic? Does this organization/group/movement anatomy their activity as feminists? If not, would you accede this a feminist cause? What are the abeyant controversies and debates about the issue? How ability an adversary of the cause/movement/organization anatomy their position? How ability you appoint in chat with them? Links: United Nations: International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, 6 February (Links to an alien site.) Time's Up Now (Links to an alien site.) Me Too Movement (Links to an alien site.) Rose Brooks  (Links to an alien site.) National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP)  (Links to an alien site.)

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