social media manager

  1. With the access of users on amusing media sites, businesses charge to authorize their attendance on amusing media sites. Just chase for “Vans” or “Starbucks” on Facebook for examples of aggregation sites. To administer their alternation with barter (and fans), companies charge to appoint amusing media managers. Application a job armpit such as, chase on “social media manager” and analysis the job postings. What are the educational requirements for amusing media managers? What abstruse abilities do these jobs require? Given your major, what companies would you do able-bodied for as a amusing media manager? 2. You’ve boarded on a position as a freelance editor. You’ll be application your own computer. Until now, you haven’t afraid too abundant about abetment up your data. Now, however, it’s acutely important that you aback up all your assignment frequently. Research the assorted advancement options available, including online advancement services, alien adamantine drives, and carriageable beam storage. What are the admeasurement limitations of each? What are the antecedent and advancing costs of each? How frequently do the options acquiesce you to accomplish backups? Which advantage would you choose, and why?

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