Social Media and Privacy Issues

Social networks allow individuals the area and technology to affix with abounding “ friends”, both accepted and unknown. An individual’s activities on amusing networks can accept aegis implications, abnormally if they abnormally affect the accumulated reputations of their employers. This convenance is added accessible on able amusing arrangement sites that analyze the employee’s employer, such as LinkedIn. Imagine that you are a CIO of a company. As the CIO, the aegis and aloofness of your alignment is one of your primary concerns. It is your albatross to analysis the risks and vulnerabilities of amusing media to your aggregation and accommodate your advisers with guidelines on how to collaborate with amusing networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, back apery your company. Write a four to bristles (4-5) folio guidelines for accessing Web 2.0 sites that: Select and call three (3) amusing networking sites you are presenting in the ambience of billow computing. Examine the risks and vulnerabilities to your employer associated with the amusing networking sites that you accept selected. Summarize the mitigating strategies you would acclaim to your CEO that assert the organization’s aloofness and aegis convenance amid amusing arrangement sites. Suggest three (3) means that your amusing arrangement action can assure your employer against: identity theft cybercrimes abusive marketing Use at atomic three (3) affection assets in this assignment. At atomic one (1) charge be from a able account in the IT field.

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