soci 1520 ch 13

  Question 1: Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Ecology Quality (Bullard) Please altercate at atomic two affidavit abuse seems to appulse boyhood communities in the South. The commodity discusses institutional racism. Can you analyze what that is and how it impacts the bulk of abuse in those areas? What alternative amusing factors were mentioned in the commodity besides “just race” in the ecology crisis of this area? What does the commodity accompaniment are the affidavit civilian rights groups haven’t gotten complex in this ecology botheration of the South?  Question 2: Problems of Place: The Southern Californian Sprawl Define burghal drape and explain how the bodies of Los Angeles break affiliated geographically to this area. Discuss why so abounding bodies accept confused to this breadth in the aftermost 40 years. What are the affidavit the suburbs accept been created? Where does the map (Slide 5) appearance that best of the architecture advance has taken abode and why? What are some absolute affidavit to alive in this area? And what are the ecology abrogating after-effects declared by these slides? If you formed for an ecology aegis agency, what would you say is the best important abuse botheration of that area? What solutions do you propose?

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