soc 4

PART 1  Social movements can change the world. After account Chapter 12 of the text,Sociology: Beyond Common Sense, and the article, Sociology and Amusing Movements, altercate the amusing movements that accept been acclaimed in the United States in the aftermost decade. Moreover, altercate what implications those movements accept had on today’s culture. Finally, accept what accepted amusing movements could transform the approaching of the world.  Your antecedent column should be at atomic 250 words in length. PART 2 The approaching of the apple is uncertain. In fact, there are those who adumbrate a admirable apple area technology and adroitness accommodate a acceptable affection of activity for best people, while others adumbrate a apple of competition, conflict, and strife. Read Chapter 12 of the text, Sociology: Beyong Common Sense, and the article, The Agenda Bisect and What to Do About It (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.. Then, watch the video Wade Davis: Dreams From Endangered Cultures (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.. After account and examination the appropriate resources, use the sociological theories provided throughout the argument to explain why these arctic opposites could both occur, and what needs to appear for accord and abundance to result. In your answer, be abiding to action an account of what the agenda bisect is and why it matters.  Your antecedent column should be at atomic 250 words in length

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