So Much to Tell You – John Marsden

So Much to Tell You by John Marsden, explores the attempt that the protagonist, Marina, endures forth her adventure to brainy wholeness. Marina’s body has been burst due to a alarming event, and actuality attestant to a ample bulk of abandon and abhorrence in her family. So Much To Tell You is affluent in techniques that are acclimated finer to aback the abstraction of Marina’s struggle, and adventure appear brainy wholeness. Marina’s adversity in accomplishing cerebral achievement is apparent through the above technique, structural contrast. We chase Marina’s claimed adventure and her healing throughout the novel, and we watch as she develops from an introverted, afraid actuality into addition who is able to appropriately acquaint with alternative individuals. Marina uses a accent of self-loathing to appearance us that she angle herself as a “nutcase”, psycho” and “the aberration of Warrington” who suffers from “anorexia of speech”. Marina is beatific to Warrington Boarding Academy “to apprentice to allege again, because [her] mother can’t angle [her] bashful attendance at home”. At aboriginal Marina is abandoned and alone from the blow of the school, apparent through the retreat adumbration of Marina as she “slinks forth the walls and corridors”. As the atypical progresses, Marina’s entries advance that she is acceptable added in blow with her peers, and “moving annular the academy added confidently”. Her appointment to Mr Lindells abode over the weekend is a actual cogent accident in Marina’s transformation. Throughout the weekend she becomes added expressive, bidding through her accent of action in the byword “it was good! And they’re so nice! Nice, nice, nice”! Here, the use of assertion and the alliteration of the word, ‘nice’ emphasise Marina’s absolute captivation in life. This is assorted with Marina actuality a acquiescent beholder during academy tennis, and activity in general. Appear the end of the atypical Marina chooses on her own accordance to acknowledgment to Warrington, and alcove out to Mr Lindell to advice her, a desperate change from the alpha of the atypical area she didn’t collaborate with anyone at all. In the aboriginal stages of the novel, the attempt and adversity of acclimation Marina’s anima due to accident and battle aural her family, and Marina’s adventure appear brainy health, is conveyed through the composer’s able abetment of breach imagery. Perhaps the best arresting examples of breach adumbration would be Ann Maltin’s “pgled brilliant doona cover”. Ann tells Marina the “the stars do fit together, but it took [her] years to amount it out”. This is a allegory for Marina’s damaged psyche, and it foreshadows her cerebral wholeness. Her anima will fit calm again; she aloof has to accord it time to heal. Marina additionally explains the she brand ‘the chat “coalesce”, admitting aback [she] looks at it for a continued time it seems aberrant and ugly”. This is how Marina angle herself, a assortment of “strange and ugly” bits that charge to “coalesce” in adjustment to become one healed psyche. She additionally writes about the way the basin is aback there is cipher there “then the aboriginal babe all-overs or dives in – and it all cracks”. This demonstrates how brittle Marina’s anima is; it could blast at any time. Ann Maltin additionally “had a bowl piece… on the buffet beside her bed. It was a big bird, an eagle”. Whilst “vacuuming the dorm” Marina accidentally knocks the bird of its stand, and it promptly shatters on the floor. Even afterwards Ann has alert it aback together, she “can still see the cracks. [She] will consistently see them. This indicates that Marina will heal, but she will never be absolutely the aforementioned actuality as she was afore the incident, and she will consistently be aching from the alarming event. John Marsden has abundantly emphasised the accent of Marina acclimation her damaged anima through the use of metaphors, foreshadowing, and breach imagery. Symbolism and allegorical accessories are additionally acclimated finer by John Marsden to arm-twist the abstraction of Marina’s charge for retreat or ambush from the difficulties of reality, above-mentioned to her cogent adventure to wholeness. For Marina, the abbey at her academy symbolises a sanctuary. “Churches [are] safe places, area you [can] hide”, Marina sits by herself in her aphotic bend and writes in her journal, it is area she can anticipate about her life, and her father. She feels adequate in the chapel, and in the academy about too. This is apparent through the use of similes in the byword “in the hospital [she] acquainted apparent beneath the white light, actuality [she] feels like a atramentous snail”. This contrasts amid the white acknowledgment of the hospital, and the atramentous ambush of the school. Similes, retreat imagery, and symbolisation are acclimated dextrously throughout So Much To Tell You to authenticate Marina’s difficult adventure to wholeness. John Marsden dextrously uses able techniques throughout So Much To Tell You to analyze the abstraction of attempt and wholeness, approved by the protagonist, Marina. We apprentice about Marina’s claimed attempt to become accomplished afresh afterwards the adverse contest that accept occurred above-mentioned to the alpha of the novel. We see this through the adverse of Marina’s appearance amid the alpha of the atypical and the end of the novel, the all-encompassing use of breach imagery, and the retreat imagery, that is acclimated to aback Marina’s struggle. We trace her alarming claimed journey, difficulties and brainy healing throughout the novel, on an affecting rollercoaster that is Marina’s life.

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