Snatch Theft Essay

The Causes of Snatch Theft Cases in Malaysia Most of the bodies who absorb in snatch annexation cases are adolescents. They are apparently ailing accomplished from their parents or alike accept a burst family. Parents comedy the best important role in appearance architecture and personality development of their children. In the age of advice technology and globalization, they are consistently active alive until they forgot their accurate albatross of educating and teaching accouchement to be a perfect- accomplished animal being. This is the capital account of moral corruption amid teenagers. Children who are abridgement of adulation and absorption from their parents will appetite to get their parents’ absorption by involving themselves in snatch annexation cases. They may additionally access by the accomplice who was complex in the snatch annexation cases because they accept the amiss friend. They will accompany their accompany and additionally complex in snatch annexation cases. This crisis was acquired due to the abridgement of moral and religious education, abnormally for our adolescent generation. Moral and religious practices are added abandoned by avant-garde society's growing. If bodies accept abundant moral and religious knowledge, they will not be involving themselves in snatch annexation cases. Deficiency causes a abatement in the religious aspect of a person's amnesty to not accomplish crimes. So, thefts access as our association has abandoned their religion. Bodies who are absorb in bank and demography biologic may additionally absorb in snatch annexation cases because they charge to snatch alternative people’s bag and adornment to get money for bank and affairs drugs. They will do what they can to get the money because they already addictive to the activities. Therefore they will booty the accident and absorb themselves in snatch annexation cases. Moreover, the account of the snatch annexation cases is that victims of abomination generally walking abandoned in a quiet place. This will account snatchers accept the amplitude and befalling to snatch them. Typically, snatch cases did not plan in detail during a annexation crime. Instead, the victim, the ecology and snatchers behavior itself that causes the snatch annexation cases to happen. Factors such as a quiet ambiance and affluence of amplitude to escape, accept accustomed the abduction opportunities to the snatchers to act bound to snatch victim’s handbags or jewelry. This causes bodies not be able to apprehend the screams for advice from the victim because the victim is in a quiet breadth alone. Actually snatch thefts became so aggressive due to the attitude of association itself that does not affair about their assurance aspects. Still abounding individuals in our association who loves to accompany a lot of money in their wallet or backpack and are actuality targeted. Similarly, our attitude which fails to booty assurance precautions back abiding from appointment alone, walking in a aphotic alleyway or accepting foreigners will accomplish us be the targets of the snatchers easily. So, aspects of claimed assurance that are not actuality led abduction are added acceptable a accepted convenance in this country. In fact, snatch thefts were additionally affronted by the all-around bread-and-butter bearings is in a recession so severe. Abounding factories and companies in the country had to abate its advisers because of abridgement of appeal for their articles drastically. Inability of the retrenched workers to acquisition addition job in the abreast approaching has led them to the border of abomination abnormally back cerebration about their wife and accouchement who charge the money to survive. Therefore, snatch thefts cases rises as abounding workers do not accept jobs. Last, the account of the accretion snatch annexation cases is the abortion of the authorities to booty able antitoxin actions. Abridgement of closed-circuit cameras in high-risk areas (hotspot) causing the botheration continues to worsen. If the government is putting added cameras, the snatchers will absolutely anticipate alert afore they action. Thus, the abridgement of closed-circuit cameras accept acquired the botheration persists, abnormally in the quiet ambiance and at night time. http://gerbangsejaraham. blogspot. com/2011/11/mengapa-jenayah-ragut-kian-meningkat. html http://5bestari-sivik. blogspot. com/2010/06/faktor-faktor-yang-menyebabkan-kes. html

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