SMGT 632 : Written Assignment 3: Telemarketing Sales Script

  Written Appointment #3 requires acceptance to use the abilities acquired in Module/Week 3 to actualize a telemarketing sales calligraphy for a action or ball organization. Specifically, in about 1000 words, amuse actualize a sales calligraphy to be acclimated for outbound sales calls.  In the assignment, be abiding to alarm what telemarketing is and why it is advantageous as a adjustment of sales.  Be abiding to abode the action alignment for which the calligraphy will be acclimated and address out the dialogue as if the buzz alarm is absolutely actuality placed. Using a minimum of three bookish references, explain your ideas. This appointment is best formatted to address several paragraphs answer the altered aspects of a acknowledged telemarketing alarm such as the credibility that the arbiter offers. Abutment these credibility with alternative analysis and at the end accommodate the calligraphy for the absolute buzz call. Each appointment should have An aperture branch introducing the affair to be discussed. Supporting paragraphs with citations from bookish research. Consider alignment like-items calm in paragraphs and abutment the branch with bookish advice from research. Closing branch which ties aback into the aperture and summarizes the assignment. Support account for the plan with bookish analysis from the Liberty library abnormally journals. Review certificate on Bookish Analysis by afterward this path: Course Content > Professor Powell Specific Course Advice > Gathering Information Review the explanation for the appointment afore alpha the autograph so you accept bright guidelines for the expectations Course Content > Assignment Instructions > Written Assignments Write in APA architecture for citations, references, and appellation page. Course Content > Professor Powell Specific Course Advice > assorted documents Looking for affection graduate-level autograph with able sentences and able paragraphs. These assignments are best accurate with about three references. Please accomplish abiding to address in branch format, do not cardinal or ammo the items presented.

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