Small Group Discussion: Presenting Policy Proposals

  Policy practitioners should apperceive that actuality forewarned is actuality forearmed. You should apperceive how to assay an audience, advance a actuating strategy, accept a "tactics apparatus bag" for ambidextrous with difficult or able audiences, and apperceive how to advance non-confrontational advice methods with audiences back necessary. In short, you charge to apperceive how to cautiously avert the artistic action angle you are about to present and how to allocution to action makers who may not be absorbed in the issues you are presenting. In this Baby Accumulation Discussion, you assay and assay strategies and account for presenting action proposals. To Prepare: Think about strategies you can use to actuate others who ability not allotment the aforementioned apropos about your issues or your action proposals. Think about how you ability avert your position on an affair or a action and get them to accede with your perspective. Review Chapter 9 of your text, advantageous appropriate absorption to the area advantaged "Combative Persuasion in Step 5 and Step 6" from pages 286-292. By Day 3 Post your responses to the afterward catechism presented for your baby accumulation discussion: Policy advocates sometimes acquisition themselves discussing the needs of accessible populations with less-than-sympathetic groups of action makers. Accessible populations ability accommodate families active in poverty, individuals with histories in the bent amends system, or groups who accept afresh immigrated. How ability you acquaint the needs of accessible populations to action makers who may not allotment your angle about the charge for services?   Required Readings SOCW 6361 Webliography These websites will be appropriate throughout the semester. Become accustomed with these websites, abnormally back accomplishing analysis for your assignments. Jansson, B. S. (2018). Becoming an able action advocate: From action convenance to amusing amends  (8th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning Series. Chapter 9, "Presenting and Defending Action Proposals in Step 5 and Step 6 of Action Analysis" (pp. 284-326) Jackson-Elmoore, C. (2005). Informing accompaniment policymakers: Opportunities for amusing workers. Amusing Work, 50(3), 251–261. Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

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